StartR Impact Teams

Class of Fall/Winter 2021



airflye logo

Airflye is a global on-demand peer-to-peer last-mile parcel delivery service.



Platform for anyone to post events/experiences/projects casual or formal in nature that they want people from the community to be involved. Participants in these experiences can contribute skills, resources, or anything other than just monetary contribution to make the experiences happen.



edufir team logo

Edufir Pvt. Ltd. was conceptualized to bring the highest quality education to all students irrespective of their location.


We are developing the most powerful portable cooling garments for personal and industrial use. 

Mpact International

A scalable platform designed to measure and understand diversity of perspectives, openness to change, and psychological safety in organizations. Because when employees feel valued and safe, customer value grows too.

Realms of Us

The Realms of Us (ROU) is an independent female-run organization dedicated to keeping the cultural experience of individuals or groups in any form of media alive.

Rooted Reusables

tree logo with roots

Rooted Reusables helps companies meet zero waste goals by providing reusable food ware products and services. We are rooted in our mission is to eliminate the dependence on single-use plastics and other single-use alternatives.