StartR Rady Teams

Class of FALL/WINTER 2020


Bringing the traveling experience with VR to people who cannot move around easily.

Contact Takumi Fujimoto 


Paisa Securities

Paisa is a fintech startup with an aim to reinvent the marketplace lending industry using innovative risk management techniques
Contact:Sandeep Gutta 


Weekly personalized recommendations for your free time from an expert in the city you live. 

Contact: Ron Baldwin


Remora is developing the roombas for the ocean, autonomous trash skimmers that collect surface level aquatic debris. Through the help of data sensors, machine learning algorithms, and autonomous systems Remora introduces new levels of efficiency and capabilities to waterfront organizations.

Contact: Saakib Akbany

The world’s first SOCIAL LEARNING NETWORK where  SPANISH SPEAKING YOUTH can develop the skills they  need to LEAD the global digital economy.


The Choice Point

The gamification of mindfulness and clinical therapies to manage stress and elicit behavioral change.

Carlos Quentin