Inaugural Class of Fall 2013


Andro360 is a wearable wireless medical device to assess and diagnose erectile (dys)function in males. The device allows for a stress-free, homebased and private evaluation of the condition and the cloud-based algorithm enables to determine and track the severity of the problem.

Lab Fellows

Lab Fellows is an online peer-to-peer marketplace disrupting the way assets are utilized in life science research and development. Lab Fellows connects scientific researchers and allows them to lease idling instrumentation and lab space from fellow scientists that is otherwise cost-prohibitive to purchase and too difficult to find.


OvaPal is reinventing the way women track their fertility for faster, natural, and stress free pregnancy achievement. This is accomplished with a first of its kind, fully integrated, Bluetooth enabled, wearable basal thermometer and fertility tracking mobile application.


Skylit is an in-home medical device and wireless health system that treats skin conditions caused by the immune system - conditions like psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo. Skylit is the first globally affordable phototherapy device, creating a real, accessible solution for 500 million patients and their physician.


SymbiOx has developed a photosynthetic scaffold technology that provides physicians with next-generation tools for the treatment and functional restoration and healing of damaged or diseased tissues. Our products incorporate a three-dimensional cellular matrix that is designed for applications directly over acute and chronic skin wounds (burns, bedsores, eczema and diabetic foot ulcers). The technology is flexible and easily conforms to the wounded skin site. Upon application, its scaffold matrix provides a source of oxygen and growth factors directly to the wound, promoting tissue healing. At the same time it reduces local inflammation, scarring and infection.


tab32 is a revolutionary cloud based dental software as a service (SAAS) that integrates all systems in a dental office. The tablet-based visual interface provides a simple, convenient, novel, and enjoyable user experience that increases documentation efficiency for the dental clinic.

Class of Spring 2014


Water scarcity is a real and present global crisis. AquaDx is developing technology that will enable data-driven smart solution to water conservation. AquaDx combines a mobile app for performing efficient water audits with data visualization and data mining. AquaDx will incentivize commercial and industrial water users to conserve water by identifying operational cost savings.


GrollTex is developing a proprietary technology for production of grapheme. Graphene is a flexible and nearly transparent material exhibiting exceptional electrical properties and has unprecedented tensile strength. These properties make graphene an extremely desirable material for integration into electronic devices that have a wide range of applications.


With the technological advancement in the past decade, social media is still greatly lagging in the realm of connectivity. Lychee changes that. The Lychee platform is an extension of users. It evolves with the users and their interests. Instead of mining users’ data, Lychee uses users’ data to optimize users’ interactions with the social world around them.

Michron by Alpine Labs

Alpine Labs makes a product called Michron, a device that plugs into cameras and allows users to take timelapses. It is the first device that truly makes timelapse accessible to the larger public. Previously this kind of technology has been expensive, difficult to use, and it lacked functionality. Michron changes all of this and is positioned to make timelapse as common as videos and photos.


Waya is an networking app for business events.  It is the best tool to maximize your time by knowing where your opportunities are.   With Waya you know who is going to an event, how you are connected and who the best people are to talk to build valuable relationships.

Pet Wireless

Pet Wireless is the maker of Tailio, the world's first pet wellness platform designed for cats. The Tailio platform of pet friendly sensing devices, cloud-based data analytics, and mobile/web apps provides seamless proactive monitoring and insights for pet families that want the best care for their pets.

Class of Fall 2014

Aira offers an innovative service that is designed to help blind and low-vision users gain independence. The product provides personalized assistance from a network of certified agents, including family, friends, and volunteers. Our agents use a real-time interactive cloud-based dashboard purpose-built to process live data streams from cameras, GPS, and other sensor systems from wearable platforms like Google Glass. Aira’s platform uses an “Uber” style intelligent routing algorithm for connecting a vast crowdsource of agents to users for immediate assistance based on user preferences and agent schedules.

CB Therapeutics

CB Therapeutics is developing novel processes for the production of rare cannabinoids. Currently extraction of cannabinoids is not economically viable due to the cost. By using biotechnology, CB Therapeutics aims to bring these rare cannabinoids to the market for a wide range of applications.


Hydroceutical is a beverage company which specializes in manufacturing enhanced water for people with chronic disease states such as diabetes and heart disease. The minerals and vitamins that have been shown to be useful in the treatment and prevention of certain disease states now can be had in one’s daily water intake instead of remembering to take a vitamin pill.

Insilico Scientific

Our company is called Insilico Scientific. We have developed an algorithm to help drug companies optimize clinical trials outcomes and get more drugs to the market.

Service Pair

ServicePair is a mobile-first app that connects licensed contractors to construction professionals. We’re putting construction to work.

Class of Spring 2015


ChaiBrew offers a hassle-free automated brewing machine providing fresh, no artificial ingredients, and authentic tasting chai latte for your home and office at your fingertips.

Global E-Commerce Logistic Platform

Global E-Commerce Logistic Platform combines a cloud software platform with worldwide physical warehouses to help cross-border merchants to sell and deliver products worldwide efficiently and economically.


Guru is an online community marketplace that connects Yoga students and teachers who want to practice Yoga outdoors. Without the overhead of a traditional studio, students pay less and teachers earn more.


LeadCrunch accelerates growth by predicting which companies are most likely to buy from other companies. Unlike other lead generation and scoring technologies, LeadCrunch is a self-serve system that finds new leads that are most similar to your best customers.


Meego is a motion-activated alarm which adheres to an item to be monitored that is activated and sounds a loud alarm if moved.

Class of Fall 2015


Cardkive is a startup founded by two UCSD Rady School of Management alumni and an alumni from the Simon School of Business.  The company’s first product addresses the mundane problem of saving holiday/birthday cards.  Cardkive is developing an app that will facilitate the process of digitally storing this information and plans on releasing their product towards the end of this 2015.

Factor Technologies

Factor Technologies is launching Hummingbird.Money, the first automated saving and investing platform dedicated to understanding and enriching the lives of aspirational Millennial Women. We design uniquely risk-conscious investment portfolios with enhanced upside potential, and we are poised to be the first “robo advisor” to launch its own patent-protected investment products.

Precision Prognostics

Precision Prognostics has developed novel analytical approaches that aim to transform the current space of diagnostic discovery, using small molecule chemistry to predict who will develop disease or respond to a drug.


TalentCrew will help companies find and hire talent in record time with the use of technology. Finding and hiring great talent can be very costly and represent a big challenge to companies of any size. TalentCrew will solve this problem in a simple an efficient way.


BREWnGO seeks to make the world's first smart and portable tea brewer that will allow people to automatically prepare a healthy, energizing, and delicious cup of tea on the go.


Our team is aspired to provide catered products/services to specifically serve the unmet needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Our first product is a free iOS APP (TUTUroomii) that helps LGBTQ+ young people and allies find ideal roommates, new friends, and housing resources/services within the LGBTQ+ community.

Class of Spring 2016


AirCourse provides travelers with a way to access food options that weren't previously available. Whether it's a matter of you not having time to get to your preferred food option or it's in a completely different terminal that you can't access, AirCourse will get it to you on time before you depart. .

Apollo Mail

The Apollo Mail app takes a simple approach to redefine how people view emails on their mobile devices. Rather than the traditional email threads that also embed the messages within each reply, we utilize the universally familiar SMS (chat-style) layout to redisplay a user’s individual email messages as if they actually were just a chat conversation. Additionally, users can download productivity-enhancing modules to help optimize the email experience for a mobile-first world.


Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are a $40B problem for the US health care system. 40% of HAIs are the result of failure to perform a simple, basic task - hand washing. Health care workers (HCWs) are required to wash their hands before and after every patient contact, yet compliance rates are dismally low. The Braykion SmartbandTM is a wearable device that uses an advanced sensor fusion algorithm to monitor, record, and remind HCWs when they need to wash, and prevents patients from contracting these completely preventable infections. Braykion is transforming the obsolete patient armband into an innovative, meaningful wearable sensor which will save lives and improve patient safety.

Clarity Genomics
Clarity Genomics is developing an interactive platform for integrative analysis of direct-to-consumer microbiome, metabolome and genome sequencing results. The platform will enable users to import sequencing data from various testing services (American Gut Project, uBiome, 23andMe, etc.) and serve as a comprehensive individualized digital health dashboard that will empower users to reach their health goals.

Diario creates wearable technology for children with ADHD and behavioral challenges that builds emotional intelligence.

MobeWash is the waterless on-demand car wash service that provides a convenient, high quality, and eco-friendly hand wash booked easily through your mobile device. Our GPS-optimized dispatch platform will provide car washes anytime and anywhere using a network of reputable washers that we train and recruit to provide our service using eco-friendly waterless technology.

Class of Fall 2016


Empowering cures for Parkinson’s through knowledge and data collection in a Virtual Reality based environment.

Ciari Guitars
Bringing the magic of music to guitarists on-the-go, Ciari Guitars boasts the first patented, break-neck foldable travel guitar that provides convenient, low profile transportation and quality guitar playability upon deployment.

Geminice focuses on developing aesthetic products that rejuvenate people's skin and greatly slow the aging process.

At Glöbier, the future of beer is bright!

On demand custom women's clothing.

A mobile app that 1) facilitates memory formation and recall, 2) records recall habits, and 3) creates an interface between caregivers and survivors.

A personalized mobile skin genie that knows more about your skin health than you.

Trimuno Therapeutics
Our company has a development plan for a bispecific antibody therapeutic against myeloid-derived suppressor cells.

VisiCELL Medical is GPS for stem cells. Stem cell-based therapy is promising, but in its infancy.  There are many unknowns about its therapeutic potentials as well as side effects.  We have developed a kit with our patent-pending technology to track the stem cells inside the body.  With VisiCELL Medical’s product, researchers can observe and evaluate their stem cell candidate products using standard imaging technology.

Class of Spring 2017


BarStar maximizes weight training by preventing injuries and plateaus for athletes.


Cool2Zero develops unique and proven technology to reduce electricity use in large commercial coolers and freezers by up to 40% and increase equipment life by up to 200%. Savings of thousands of dollars each month can be realized.


Intelligent, content-adaptive video compression.


Greyble is reducing water footprints on residential properties with an appliance that recycles indoor wastewater for outdoor irrigation.


We are building an online platform to facilitate cost-free exchange between US Dollar and China Yuan.


Veocor pioneers software technologies that will reduce cost and improve quality of care by identifying patients at increased risk of stroke who benefit from anticoagulation.


Weighty Corn LLC provides technologies for removing fiber from corn.

Class of Fall 2017


Utilizing patent pending electrical biomarkers and machine learning, CReATE provides patient-specific electroanotomical heart models to aid physicians with the diagnosis of ventricular dyssynchrony, program CRT devices and predict patient outcomes to CRT treatment.


E-Way is developing the technology to safely electrify the roads using solar panels.


Key is a platform that enables professional labor partners and doula agencies to build, manage and support their birth clients, within a growing business. We are first-to-market, industry-creating infrastructure, transforming a freelance-based lifestyle market into a profitable industry, delivering an essential pregnancy and birth service.


Kibots reduces the cost, time and risk associated with food safety compliance and enables food establishments to monitor compliance across multiple sites in real-time.

Viking Scientific
Viking Scientific, Inc. (“VSI”) has created a groundbreaking delivery system for pharmaceutical agents, by using drugs as molecular building blocks to construct biodegradable materials. This proprietary “hydrogel prodrug” platform allows measured release of active agents and optimizes management of patients who require regular and consistent dosing.

Wasim the Dream
Wasim The Dream is a platform for motivational speaking services, book sales, career and fitness coaching.