Pacific Center for Asset Management

Mission: PCAM seeks to make asset owner research topics mainstream in academic research

UC San Diego's Pacific Center of Asset Management

Many asset owners (including sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, foundations and their beneficiaries) struggle to find independent, high quality research that addresses important issues they face, and don’t have the resources to investigate these issues themselves (e.g., finding the optimal investment strategy for retirees and measuring factor exposures in the illiquid markets.) With PCAM, these issues will become mainstream in the academic research agenda, providing asset owners with the independent, high quality research they require. Achieving this requires PCAM to have a dual strategy:

  • Provide state-of-the-art research on key topics of interest to asset owners
  • Facilitate the alignment of academic research agendas with the needs of asset owners

Benefits to Asset Owners

  • A way to influence academic research agenda toward topics of importance to asset owners
  • Quality independent research on topics asset owners struggle with
  • Faster adoption of academic research into industry practice
  • Can commission high-quality, independent research on specific topics of interest
  • Leverage asset owner staff by taking on large, complex projects that most asset owners are unable to do in-house in a cost-effective manner

Benefits to Academic Members

  • Research agenda that can have a meaningful positive impact on society
  • Research agenda that can enhance one’s reputation within academia
  • Financial support for relevant new research agenda and for researcher’s time
  • Increased ability to fund post-doc scholars and graduate students
  • Venue to present new research and receive feedback from industry experts
  • Access to new and interesting data sets and tools (e.g., Bloomberg)
  • Access to industry conferences and events

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