StartR Social

Inaugural Class of 2017


CookU is designed to reduce food waste, save money, improve health, and make cooking an easier and more enjoyable experience. 

Saral Pooja

Saral Pooja provides a personalized service for users to engage with a real Pundit with a hologram or high def video channel and conduct a Pooja. We also provide programs for people to revive religious practices and ceremonies which have been integral part of culture and lifestyle.
Our long term vision is to help people forster faith in the community.


Luxury bed and bath products brands with a social responsibility purpose.


Our solution combines the efficiency of Venmo with a donation focus to aid the homeless.


The goal of NowWhat is to connect individuals with communities that support and seek similar interests, helping students discover the infinite network around them through an organized list of nearby organizations, clubs and experiences in their immediate area.

Embrace HealthWear Inc.

We have developed a non-obtrusive wearable device that analyzes how people walk and uses that information to predict and prevent falling injuries in older adults. Based on these measurements, we provide targeted exercise recommendations that are proven to reduce the risk of falling and promote mobile and independent living. 

Seahawk Seaweed Co.

Combing science, technology and sustainable seafood to feed a growing human population.


Developing ways to measure the indoor air quality in public spaces in developing countries.

Worldcare Technologies

Aims to solve healthcare problems with a low-cost HIV monitoring system for low-resource settings.

Midlife Wellness

Midlife implements blockchain based personal health records for the public good. Midlife Wellness aims to enable a new technical architecture for health information that is built on cryptography, decentralization, and open standards.