StartR Social

Fall 2018 

  Family Proud

Family Proud brings peace of mind to patients, families and their support networks. 

Family Proud is a mobile-application based patient advocacy software solution that provides hospitalized patients and their families easy and secure access to all their essential social, medical, and logistical resources. Our mission is to provide a simple, direct way for patients and their families to express their needs, explain their treatments, access information and communicate with their loved ones. 


InfoPost tries to redefine the experience of news using advanced AI and beautiful design.

  Karigor Marketplace

Through Karigor Marketplace our goal is to empower craftsmen to break through the barriers of poverty by capitalizing on their own creativity. We believe in transparency, we believe in the empowerment of the creative being.


Athlete Initiative

At Athlete Initiative we strive to reduce instances of sexual violence with a prevention program geared toward educating student-athletes. 

Our training platform encourages a sense of leadership and responsibility of awareness within the athletic community. College athletes will develop the confidence in utilizing bystander behavior, while Athlete Initiative provides customized training with the understanding that every campus faces unique issues. Our goal is to educate student-athletes on the issues surrounding sexual violence, prevent occurrences of these crimes, and promote healthy relationships.


Saltwater fuel, generating electricity and freshwater.