Rady Board Fellows


The Board Fellows program enables MBA students to work directly with non-profits to understand both the issues such organizations face and the responsibility of successful business people in supporting their communities.

The Center identifies and works with interested non-profit organizations across a broad spectrum: non-profits in arts, education, and social and economic development are welcomed as potential participants.  The Board Fellows program is designed to work with established non-profits with well-functioning boards and sufficient staffing to provide guidance and mentoring to the Fellow(s).  This typically means organizations which have at least two full-time staff, a functional budget model, and one or more board members with the interest and time to work with the Fellow(s).  This enables Fellow(s) to apply their learning and experience to support intermediate to longer-term Board concerns, questions, and opportunities. The Board Fellows program is not a good match for those seeking to start a new non-profit or working to solve immediate funding issues.  We welcome inquiries and are glad to consult about the appropriateness of this program for your interests and needs.

MBA students apply for the Board Fellows program and are selected and matched with an interested non-profit. Student Board Fellows commit to involvement for the academic year. Board Fellows attend Board meetings and to work with the Board to identify and complete a substantive project. Projects are directly related to issues, challenges or opportunities that the Board and the organization identify and are formally presented to the Board and to the organization's executive management, as well as to faculty involved in the Center.


2018-2019 Partners

2018-2019 Board Fellows

Noah Gerber 

Iruna Kharchenko 

Kenichi Uchida 

Adriane Lesser 

Jenny Daniel Aldrich 

Vy Nguyen