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Women of Rady


Morgan King, President

Kellie Carlson, Co-VP Corporate Relations (grad March 2021)

Anushka Joshi, Co-VP of Corporate Relations

Stacey Nguyen, Co-VP of Marketing

Lara Temel, Co-VP of Marketing

Heidi Grutter, VP of Operations

Lindsay Knott, VP of Production

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About Us

The Women of Rady Club is focused on connecting current students and alumni by facilitating ongoing events that provide both research and industry perspectives on issues of diversity that affect women in business. We welcome all participants, regardless of their gender or focus in business at Rady.

With a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, our goal is to leverage the collective power of our members to support each other personally and professionally beyond the boundaries of Rady. We empower each other to come together to discuss difficult topics and to collaborate on ways to overcome challenges in the work environment. Our time as students is short, so we encourage you to participate in an organization that will help you make and keep meaningful connections long after graduation.


Annual Women of Rady Forum

Additional Events to be announced quarterly until we are able to hold in-person events.

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