UC San Diego Launches “Invent the Future” Student Support Campaign with Pauline Foster’s Gift to the Rady School

By Judy Piercey, UC San Diego Development Communications

Invent the Future Campaign

At the University of California, San Diego, a growing number of potential students will need financial support to offset rising fees and the cost of living. To address this critical need for funding, San Diego community leaders Pauline Foster and Joan and Irwin Jacobs have joined forces with the university to launch “Invent the Future: The UC San Diego Student Support Campaign,” a three-year, $50 million fundraising effort. Private support generated by the campus-wide campaign will help UC San Diego stay competitive in attracting outstanding graduate and undergraduate students to campus.

Local philanthropist and business owner Pauline Foster has made a $2.5 million charitable gift commitment to the Rady School of Management to endow MBA student fellowships, which are scholarships for graduate students. Her generous contribution will serve as a challenge to encourage others in joining the school’s ongoing fundraising activities.

“As UC San Diego continues to struggle with the global recession and severe state budget cuts, we must maintain our primary focus educating the best and brightest students to become tomorrow’s innovative leaders and problem solvers,” said UC San Diego Chancellor Marye Anne Fox. “The opportunity to support an exceptional student is one of the most effective ways to nurture and support our next generation of leaders.”

At UC San Diego, graduate students help advance research, play a vital role in educating undergraduates and drive regional industry, as well as help to attract and retain top faculty, but only 16 percent receive fellowships, making it difficult for UC San Diego to compete with peer institutions. Students must often choose the college that offers the highest level of support.

“We are trying to transform the economy, yet people are not focused enough on education. Student support is the most important gift you can give,” said Pauline Foster, who is also chair of the UC San Diego Foundation Board of Trustees. “The gift of education is one you can’t take away.”

At UC San Diego, 64 percent of all undergraduates receive financial assistance. The campus needs three times the current scholarship funding for future innovators and leaders to improve access, and compete with other top public universities. Annually, UC San Diego awards $3 million in privately funded scholarships, compared to $19 million at UC Berkeley and $8 million at UCLA. UC San Diego’s “Invent the Future” campaign will help support undergraduates with merit, need-based and research scholarships.

UC San Diego needs help now to raise $50 million for graduate fellowships and undergraduate scholarships. For more information about “Invent the Future: The UC San Diego Student Support Initiative,” please visit the Web site at http://giving.ucsd.edu/. For more information on giving to the Rady School, please contact Graig Eastin at geastin@ucsd.edu.

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