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The Rady School of Management
Retirement Savings A recent study by professor Craig McKenzie reveals that many employees have a fundamental misunderstanding of savings growth, which negatively affects their ability to plan for retirement.  Read More

Triton Greenovation Network Challenge Solidifying UC San Diego's role as a research powerhouse with an entrepreneurial culture and collaborative environment, the Triton Greenovation Network Challenge concluded its competition in December after announcing that students from the Rady School placed first and third in its competition to find the most commercially viable projects with a positive environmental impact.  Read More

Ukobia Ubokia was born in response to one simple question: Why? Why, in this age of social networks, constant conversations and instant personalization, is it so hard to get what we want? Mark Pine, a graduate of UC San Diego's Revelle College, says it is because we've had the equation backwards.  Read More

Ayelet Gneezy Professor Ayelet Gneezy is the recipient of this year's Robert B. Cialdini Award for excellence in a published field study. Eponymously named for the seminal expert in the fields of persuasion, compliance and negotiation, the award was granted by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology to an individual who has made a unique and significant contribution to understanding the individual and social factors shaping people's personalities, interactions and behaviors.  Read More

Dr. Harry Gruber Serial entrepreneur Dr. Harry Gruber has been announced as the second speaker of the Rady School's Michael Kriegler Memorial Lecture Series. The engagement will be held January 23, 2012, and is open to Rady School students, faculty, staff and other invited guests.  Read More
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