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Sustainable in San Diego: Rady Student Pierre Sleiman Hosts US Secretary of Agriculture

July 1, 2003 was Rady School's inaugural date – it is our reference point for when our community imagined a graduate business school at UC San Diego. "Imagined" is a true descriptor of the times, since our school launched with very few resources and even fewer commitments. Through the remainder of 2003, a clearer picture of our unique business school on the La Jolla "mesa" emerged - with considerable input from prospective supporters and the greater San Diego community. In short, our new business school at UC San Diego would be characterized by the following:

  • Seamless integration across the UC San Diego campus
  • Entrepreneurship as the underpinning
  • Innovation and knowledge as our competitive advantage
  • Reputation among the best in the world

Largely achieved, these attributes remain a guiding light. So we, as a community, should be proud of what has been achieved in a short 10 years. Which then begs the question - what's next? Early returns from our visioning processes paint an exciting future.  Innovation and impact will still be at our core. Startup and emerging growth companies will remain a focus and we will more fully embrace how we translate these learning experiences into opportunities for established companies.

Other needs in our school's future concern the form of pedagogy - how teaching and learning are conducted. The use of technology in synchronous and asynchronous ways will be critical.  Blended, face-to-face and technology-enabled learning will become a necessity, and consideration of satellite classrooms - the first of which might be in North San Diego County and another near the Mexico border, will make learning opportunities more convenient to prospective students.

In addition to how and where we deliver learning opportunities, our school will focus on several new and exciting areas that students, faculty and the community will embrace. For example, our school could be the nexus of a UC San Diego innovation ecosystem that would encompass incubators, accelerators, startup funds, mentoring and much more. The Rady School would become a one-stop shop for discovery to market to impact.

So now, 10 years after our Rady School venture was launched, we have much to be amazed by and proud of. Yet I am among the first to admit that we have not arrived - rather, we are continuously evolving.  Creativity and agility is a constant mandate in responding to the rapidly changing demands from our community and the markets. We continue to be motivated and inspired about tomorrow - we must imagine the next phase of our great business school and believe that we will be the exemplar of innovation.

Dean Sullivan

Robert S. Sullivan
Stanley and Pauline Foster Endowed Chair
Rady School of Management
University of California, San Diego

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