Rady Students and Alumni to Travel to Israel for Immersion Experience

Rady School Student Trip to Israel

In December 2013, Rady students and alumni will get a first-hand glimpse of a “startup nation” when they embark on an Israel Immersion through the Rady School of Management’s U.S. – Israel Center on Innovation and Economic Sustainability.

The students and alumni will be introduced to the vibrant Israeli culture of innovation through visits to academic institutions, businesses and community organizations. The goal of the trip is to create new channels for entrepreneurial learning for Rady students and alumni and increase collaboration among talented emerging business leaders in the U.S. and Israel.

“Through this immersion experience, Rady students and alumni will gain a well-informed awareness of Israel’s vibrancy, creative ingenuity and unprecedented determination,” said U.S. – Israel Center Executive Director Jeri Rubin (Rady MBA ’06). “We hope that they return inspired by the extraordinary impact of Israeli innovation. We also hope the students learn firsthand what challenges, opportunities and future directions exist in Israel – and brainstorm together with Israelis around key areas of interest they can apply to other global economies. We look forward to the development of new initiatives inspired by lessons gleaned from the Israeli experience, and to the strengthened bond among leaders and future leaders of both countries.”

Students and alumni on the Immersion Trip will visit Hebrew University, Technion, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, Haifa University and Tel Aviv University. They will meet with Israeli business leaders at companies including Waze, PowerMat, Jerusalem Venture Partners, Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) and eBay Innovation Center. In addition, students and alumni on the trip will get to experience the rich history and culture of Israel through visits to Jaffa, a Bedouin Camp, Golan Heights, the ancient city of Cesarea, a hike at Masada, the Dead Sea and a winery.

The group will also meet with Jimmy Levy in Nazareth. Levy is the founder of Al Bawader and Galil Software. Al Bawader is a Pitango Venture Capital investment fund focused on the minority sectors in Israel, including the Israeli Arab private sector. It is sponsored by the Israeli government and was initiated by it, aiming to promote the advancement of the minority sectors and serve as a bridge between entrepreneurs and investors.

2013 marks the second year of the Israel Immersion program.  Rady students and alumni participating this year will also have an opportunity to meet and network with the Israeli alumni who participated in the U.S. Immersion in February, who are proud ambassadors of the program.

“Our presence in Israel is growing, in large part because our alumni are so enthusiastic about sharing how this comprehensive immersion experience had such a positive impact on their diverse initiatives,” Rubin said.

In February 2014, the U.S. – Israel Center will host its second delegation of students from Israel for the U.S. Immersion program. While in San Diego, the Israeli students will learn about the city’s innovative business ecosystem, particularly the robust biotech and hi-tech communities. The U.S. – Israel Center is working to create meaningful opportunities for the visiting Israelis to interact with San Diegans directly, and to gain an enhanced understanding of the city’s remarkable civic and business climate.

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