Rady MBA Student Wins Grand Prize in Tech Coast Angels Quick Pitch Competition

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Giovanna Scheidler, a fulltime Rady MBA student, won the San Diego Tech Coast Angels Quick Pitch competition with her invention, OvaPal. OvaPal is a wearable wireless sensor that enables a woman to track her ovulation cycle and optimize the odds of pregnancy in way that is stress-free and easy to use. As the grand prize winner, Giovanna was awarded $20,000 for her startup from the John G. Watson Foundation. Giovanna, who has two young daughters of her own, cites her children as her inspiration. “In creating OvaPal, I wanted to be able to share the joy that children bring to people’s lives,” she said. “I also have a competitive advantage: I can end my 2-minute pitch with a photo of my own children. It’s definitely a heartwarming way to show what this technology can do in terms of building families.

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