Two MBA Students at the Rady School Receive Rady Israel Center Fellowships

The U.S. – Israel Center on Innovation & Economics Sustainability (USIC) at the Rady School has awarded Rady Israel Center Fellowships that give two MBA students the opportunity to learn about Israeli innovation first-hand. MBA students Jamie Weisman and Vance Lopez travelled to Israel in June for 10 weeks for internships at Israeli tech companies. It is the first time that Israeli and U.S. fellows are being trained and supervised on innovation projects in Israel launched by the Milken Institute.

"I am so excited to be working for Netafim in Tel Aviv," said Rady MBA student Jamie Weisman. "It gives me a great opportunity to apply skills learned through the Rady MBA program while also gaining global business perspective. I hope to find ways to transfer knowledge and ideas between California and Israel while I'm here."

A new course taught by visiting Professor Glenn Yago, Financial Innovations for Economic Development, served as a pre-requisite to apply for the fellowships. The course, which was initiated and sponsored by the USIC, explored technology deployment from Israeli innovation to solve global economic and business development challenges.

The Rady Israel Center Fellowship program marks the first time Rady School MBA students have interned in Israel, as well as the first time American students have interned under the supervision of Yago in conjunction with the Milken Institute's Fellows program in Israel, which he founded and directs.

The idea for this new program through the Rady School emerged after USIC Executive Director Jeri Rubin participated in the Milken Institute Israel Track at the Globes Israel Business Conference in December 2013. 

"We are delighted that Jamie Weisman and Vance Lopez will be working on cooperative business development and technology innovations in energy, food and water," said Rubin. "Exposure to Israeli expertise both offers insights into developing a culture of ingenuity and aids in the establishment of professional relationships that will lead the next wave of innovation. This type of collaboration is especially important in light of the Cal-Israel strategic cooperation agreement signed by Governor Jerry Brown and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Mountain View, California on March 5, 2014." 

While in Israel, the students will be working alongside Milken Institute Israel Fellows, and attending various seminars and important events affiliated with their work in government ministries on economic development assignments. Weisman will be interning at Netafim, an agriculture technology world leader and pioneer of drip irrigation technology. Her focus will be strategic planning and corporate marketing for sustainable agriculture and food security. Lopez will be interning at Driivz, a hi-tech Israeli startup company working on the management of electric vehicle charging networks.

Weisman and Lopez will be blogging about their experiences while in Israel, which can be viewed on the USIC website at

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