StartR Demo Day Showcases Rady Innovation

aircourseEntrepreneurs and innovators gathered at the Rady School of Management on Wednesday, Sept. 28 for the bi-annual StartR Demo Day event.

StartR – a free, six month-long acceleration program held twice a year on the Rady School's campus – provides Rady School students and alumni the tools needed to start and grow their businesses. The program is focused on hands-on company development and mentorship.

Six teams participated in the event and were given the opportunity to pitch to investors and industry experts. A past StarR graduate – Suman Kanuganti (MBA ’15) also presented at the event and shared his StartR journey.

Now entering its fourth year, the accelerator has launched 36 companies since its inception. Of those companies, 24 are still active and eight have been offered admission into the prestigious startup incubator, EvoNexus. In addition, StartR companies have raised in excess of $22 million to date.

Rady School of Management Dean Robert Sullivan kicked off the event by highlighting successful StartR alumni and thanking sponsors for generous gifts to support the accelerator.

"If it weren’t for individuals contributing to the startup ecosystem of innovation, there wouldn’t be a StartR Accelerator," he said

About the Teams


When traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is missing your flight; but what happens when you're starving at the airport with limited time and food options? That's where AirCourse comes in handy. Through the company's system, travelers are able to access food options across the airport, rather than just in the immediate terminal. Travelers input flight departure times and gate numbers, and AirCourse will display available food options that will be delivered before departure.



Nobody wants to drive a dirty car, but the price of quality car washes has increased, especially during California's crippling drought. MobeWash is a waterless mobile car washing service that is convenient, high-quality and eco-friendly. The shared economy business model benefits both the customer and the employees.

Clarity Genomics

The introduction of the human microbiome has changed the face of medical care. However, current testing systems are inaccurate and expensive. Enter Clarity Genomics. This interactive platform for integrative analysis of direct-to-consumer microbiome, metabolome and genome sequencing results. The platform enables users to import sequencing data from testing services and serves as a comprehensive individualized digital health plan.

Apollo Mail

This application can be used for any e-mail system, regardless of the operating system. Apollo Mail aims to redefine how e-mail is accessed and viewed by enabling a chat-style view when accessing e-mails. The system mirrors a standard text message screen rather than a traditional e-mail format. Additional productivity-enhancing modules are also available.


The vast majority of American parents worry about the mental health issues facing their children, which affect 13 percent of children. Diario is a wearable mood-tracking device that allows children to document their feelings throughout the day. The device is linked with the parent's smartphones, which allows the parents to track how their children are feeling. The system also offers an incentive-reward system to encourage child participation.


braykionHospital acquired infections kill over 100,000 people per year. Braykion strives to address this preventable issue. The wearable smartband system uses an advanced algorithm to monitor, record and remind healthcare workers to wash their hands throughout the day, and especially before and after interacting with a patient. Braykion was awarded a $1,000 check at the end of the Demo Day event for their business.

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