Center for Executive Development Leadership Assessment Now Open for Enrollment

The structured leadership assessment provides feedback on both business acumen along with traditional leadership skills.

executive edThe Center for Leadership Assessment (CLA) offers a learning experience designed to provide both the individual and the organization with critical information about the strength of its leadership and business skills. The open enrollment CLA program allows participants from multiple organizations to interact with and learn from each other. It is ideal for organizations that wish to provide assessment and training to select members of their leadership team. By providing specific, actionable evaluations and feedback, developmental activities can be targeted to skills that will make the greatest difference in the success of both the individual and the organization. The result is a process that will build upon itself year after year.

“The Center for Leadership Assessment (CLA) program provides a solid foundation for individual development and an organization's succession planning efforts and may be customized according to unique organizational needs,” said Rady School Assistant Dean Clark Jordan. “It will provide individuals with a snapshot of skills, abilities and personal characteristics which serves as a foundation for future development planning that will enrich both the employee and organization.”

The open-enrollment CLA program has three phases. First, participants complete online assessments prior to the program start date, which includes a “360-degree” feedback report on how others perceive the participant’s skills and abilities. Then, participants attend a one-day program of exercises, feedback and networking opportunities. In the third and final phase, both the individual and their organization receive reports of overall performance on the CLA.

For more information on the course and to register, visit the Rady School Center for Executive Education’s (CED) website.

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