mystartupXX 2016 Companies

The mystartupXX program is an accelerator emphasizing diversity in leadership teams for students and alumni from the Rady School and across the wider UC San Diego community. For the last two years, mystartupXX has been recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) as a national Accelerator Fund competition winner and recipient of a $50,000 award in response to the program's ongoing impact and economic potential for the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Over the last year, mystartupXX has expanded its mentor program by 400%, welcomed new workshop speakers from Fortune 100 companies and increased its number of donors and sponsorships tenfold.

Now in its third class, mystartupXX welcomes a group of ten teams that each bring unique experiences and ideas to the program, along with the promise of growing their idea into a prospering company.

The 2016 teams are:


allMarina is an online marketplace for boat slip rentals that connects users with boat slips for rent with boaters looking to rent the space.


AWhere will be an app that allows people to quickly find each other in confusing and chaotic situations, bypassing the extra steps which prevent people from reaching each other, and enabling a smooth and efficient experience that will save people time and energy in finding each other.


Ensight is developing an analytics platform for virtual reality media that will allow content publishers and advertisers to use real-time gaze tracking data to determine user interests.


HealthGnome is an online marketplace that allows clients to find vetted health practitioners, such as acupuncturists, massage therapist, and yoga instructors, and make appointments and payments.


Hydrostasis is building a wearable sensor that continuously monitors athletes' hydration, enabling them to achieve peak performance.

la jolla research

La Jolla Research provides clinical research consulting for both pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We provide everything from clinical regulatory to protocol and market strategy.


MaTech introduces MixTern, a web application for future interns to find intern roommates. We believe that matching services can make people’s lives more efficient.


Nanome is building intelligent modular components to transform houses into connected computing and sensory networks. The home of the future is your digital self.


Responsiblr is a radically transparent, anonymous talent marketplace that gives job hunters real-time, contextualized salary and talent data so that they can quickly land a job that they'd love (at a pay rate they deserve).


ZymeKey provides rapid fluorescence-based assays for the detection of proteolytic enzyme activity in native biological samples with applications throughout the diagnostics and life sciences industries

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