USIC Immersion Trip Participants Explore Israel’s Innovative Culture

US Israel Center Immersion Trip to Israel

Rady School students traveled to Israel to learn about culture and success in foreign markets.

The U.S.-Israel Center on Innovation and Economic Sustainability (USIC) hosted an immersion trip from in December 2015 which provided 24 students from the Rady School the opportunity to explore various academic, business and historical sites in Israel and learn about Israel’s rich innovation culture.

Participants visited both startup and well-established businesses including Google Tel Aviv; ReWalk, which uses robotic technologies to help people with disabilities walk; and MappedMe which allows users to create maps on any topic. Students experienced firsthand the similarities and differences in business cultures in the U.S. and Israel and learned about how to achieve success in foreign markets.

In addition, the group explored various historic sites including Independence Hall and the city of David, hiked Masada Mountain at sunrise, rode camels through the desert and camped in Bedouin-style tents. They also experienced authentic meals including falafel in the city of Tel Aviv and a traditional Druze dinner at Mount Carmel.

Immersion trips are hosted annually by the USIC to allow graduate students from both San Diego and Israel to explore and learn from innovation cultures in foreign locations and to foster valuable connections with students, alumni, professors and executives. The trips further the USIC’s mission of bringing people together to learn from each other and promoting innovation and development.

For student perspectives and detailed descriptions of business visits, cultural experiences, and guest lectures, visit the USIC Immersion Trip 2015 blog.

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