Introducing the New StartR Teams

The StartR Accelerator housed at the Rady School of Management welcomed ten new teams into the latest cohort. The non-profit accelerator program provides tools and a space for students and alumni need to start and grow their businesses. While in the program, participants can utilize workshops, mentoring, advice and access to other resources for early-stage companies. 


Cervais was created to empower cures for Parkinson’s through knowledge and data collection in a Virtual Reality based environment.


Bringing the magic of music to guitarists on-the-go, Ciari Guitars boasts the first patented, break-neck foldable travel guitar that provides convenient, low profile transportation and quality guitar playability upon deployment.


Geminice focuses on developing aesthetic products that rejuvenate people's skin and greatly slow the aging process.


Light up your night with Globier.

Marksman Targeting, Inc.

This company developed two products and a pedicle screw placement protocol to reduce radiation exposure to operating room staff and patients.


Through the competitive advantage of a 75 year old family owned textile conglomerate, NeithE empowers fashion designers to start their own small business with no upfront costs. 


Recall is a mobile app that facilitates memory formation and recall, records recall habits and creates an interface between caregivers and survivors.


A personalized mobile skin genie that knows more about your skin health than you.

Trifecta Therapeutics

This company has a development plan for a bispecific antibody therapeutic against myeloid-derived suppressor cells.


VisiCELL is a safe and biodegradable stem cell tracking agent that can be used in both patients and animal models.

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