8 Teams Join Female-Led Accelerator

The mystartupXX program is a one-of-its-kind accelerator that was created to increase and encourage diversity in entrepreneurship. Participants take part in mystartupXX workshops focused on various aspects of launching startups – team building, leadership, performing a market assessment and obtaining customers’ feedback, creating a value proposition, validating business models, and understanding financing strategies needed to launch the business. Each startup works with a mentor and meet regularly with advisors to monitor and encourage their progress.

Eight new teams joined the most recent cohort.


Beggy gives women convenience and connectivity with a highly functional and stylish Smart Bag.


Celeride is America’s first “open market” ridesharing platform that gives users pricing power, ensures all rides/drivers are insured, and assists drivers with collecting and remitting taxes.


At GoboEco we are redefining the way you buy mascara.

ICE Cosmetics

ICE Cosmetic provides you high level of customization/personalization of cosmetic products and high involvement in cosmetic making classes/events.

Melio Labs

Rapid Broad-Based Platform for Microbial Identification.

Navega Therapeutics

Our technology enables precise, long-term, and addiction free pain management, thus enabling a new paradigm for improving the quality of life in patients with debilitating pain.


By implementing a bone cement curing device to improve operating room efficiency, OsteoLux aims to minimize the financial burden of orthopedic surgeries on the U.S. healthcare system and eliminate ergonomic hindrances for orthopedic surgeons.


ThrIV offers revolutionary vitamin/electrolyte delivery through microneedle skin patch technology to enhance performance and overall health.

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