Message from Current Board President

Dear Rady Alumni Association:

I hope you and your families are thriving during the pandemic. I recently assumed the role of President of the Rady Alumni Board (RAB), and I am honored to have the opportunity to partner with you as we look to drive the Rady community forward. I would like to thank Bosco Lujan for his leadership over the last three years. Bosco laid the foundation for a strong alumni network, expanding the RAB mission to include a specific focus on alumni, establishing committees and networking groups, and finding ways to expand Rady’s influence in the broader community. Bosco will remain on the board in the role of outgoing president for continuity during the transition. 

Our remit and goals remain unchanged. We are focused on: I) Increasing the Value of the Rady Degree, and II) Strengthening Our Alumni Network. 

Through our committees and networking groups, we are developing relevant, measurable, and sustainable programs that welcome the participation of all alumni. Our 2020 goals, which I expect to carryover into 2021, are as follows:

  1. Transition with Dean Ordóñez and participate in the school’s strategic plan.
  2. Strengthen our programs and improve connection with faculty and staff.  
  3. Increase communication with alumni.

The strategic plan will set the direction for the school and we have a seat at the table. If you have questions, comments, or thought opinions, please reach out and share them. This is our opportunity to influence and shape the future of the school, let's use it! 

We have a group of graduates that are entering the most challenging job market since 2008, and a number of incoming alumni that will need guidance and some of us that are forced to reconsider our futures within our current companies. With the specter of economic uncertainty looming, it becomes even more important that we communicate with one another, help one another, and inspire one another. Let's be proactive, sharing career opportunities with Rady. Let's be receptive, answering those emails from unknown Rady connections. And let's make a difference, inspiring hope and change at our jobs, our homes, and in our community.

Joshua Kuss, MBA '08
Rady Alumni Board President