Royan Kamyar, M.D., MBA

Full-Time MBA, 2010
Industry: Health, Wellness, and Fitness
Current Position: President and Chief Executive Officer, Owaves

Royan’s Rady Experience

There are a dozen business schools that focus on entrepreneurship, but because my background is in medicine, I wanted a program that could relate to health sciences. When I found the Rady School, I felt like it was too good to be true. The school was the perfect place to show me how to use my background for entrepreneurial activity.

I owe a huge portion of my success to Rady and San Diego. My company, Owaves, is the world's first comprehensive wellness planner built around establishing a circadian rhythm by focusing on sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and social aspects of life. In 2014 we won CONNECT's Springboard Competition against hundreds of other California-based technology companies, and became a CONNECT portfolio company. This really set us up for success and it would not have been possible without Rady.

Rady helped me overcome the fear of starting a new company by immersing me in the language and culture of entrepreneurship. I think that Rady is truly unique because entrepreneurship is part of the fabric of the school. It's a place of people exchanging ideas, holding meetups in their homes and having fireside chats. The Rady School has a real–life entrepreneurial culture.

Throughout the process of founding the company, the support of the Rady community helped us feel proud of what we were doing – that kind of encouragement is like food for a startup. Having your community appreciate what you do helps fill the tank.

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