Sean McCarthy, Ph.D., MBA

FlexWeekend, 2006
Industry: Biotechnology
Current Position: Chief Executive Officer, CytomX Therapeutics

Sean’s Rady Experience

When I began searching for a school to pursue my MBA, I was very impressed with the concept of the Rady School, and I use the word “concept” advisedly because it was very embryonic, a startup.

My Rady MBA profoundly changed my outlook on the world. From a personal standpoint, I always felt that going to business school was about the nuts and bolts — about learning spreadsheets, economics and accounting. But I found that the experience actually changed my outlook fundamentally with respect to everything I do in my job each day, in terms of thinking about the world from a business standpoint as opposed to a scientific standpoint.

As the CEO of Cytomex Therapeutics, a biotech company, my job is focused on science, but I certainly draw on my MBA every single day to navigate the business world. My company recently received $20 million in venture financing. I don’t think I would have been this successful without the totality of my background, which was rounded out by my Rady education. So from both a career and a personal standpoint, my MBA had a huge impact on me.

Rady is an entrepreneurial school on its way up — an institution that really looks to blend business with science and technology; as well as with Lab to Market and other programs that are simply not found in other schools. I think that it is a very unique offering. Certainly from my standpoint, I would encourage anybody who’s thinking about a career in biotechnology to take the opportunity to attend Rady.

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