Martin Sabarsky J.D., MBA

FlexWeekend, 2006
Industry: Biotechnology
Current Position: Chief Executive Officer, Cellana, Inc.

Martin's Rady Experience

I chose to attend the Rady School to complete my business education and to supplement the experiences I've had in the business world. I think Rady has carved out a niche that is somewhat unique in the business-school world, as it really focuses on the commercialization of technologies. This was very important to me, as my chosen profession is in the biotechnology industry.

I am currently the CEO of Cellana, Inc., a revolutionary developer of algae-based byproducts for commercial use. As CEO, I have executed three multi-million dollar grants and government contracts funded by the US Department of Energy and Agriculture, as well as brought in multiple new partners and customers.

My Rady MBA and my experience in courses such as Lab to Market have been a vital part of my success. Rady's capstone course, Lab to Market, takes you through ideation, coming up with a business plan and thinking about all the steps and risks along the way — with the goal of actually taking a product or service through to market. It's really something that allows you to synthesize all of the different types of skill sets that you learn, read about and practice in some of the other courses, and is certainly applicable to the business world.

I think for anyone looking to switch from a research focus to a business focus, or for managers who wish to accelerate their careers in either biotechnology, clean technology or high technology in general, Rady offers a unique opportunity to get a top-tier business degree.

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