Chris Shively, MBA

Full-Time, 2014
Industry: Digital Advertising
Current Position:Manager of Global Business Development, TrueX

Chris' Rady Experience

As part of my decision making process for going to a business school I wanted to see what it was like to actually start a business. My team entered the Entrepreneur Challenge in my first year at the Rady School and ended up winning second place in the Innovation/Tech Business Plan Finals, which got us a cash prize of $10,000 and legal and tax services.  It was a valuable learning experience and made my MBA more effective – I had real questions to answer and real issues and problems to fix. I actually received more internship and job offers based on my startup experience than I did from my six years of working at Pepsi.

The Rady MBA program taught me the ability to work with people in a business environment and speak the language of marketing and data analysis. I also learned a lot on organizational dynamics that helped me hit the ground running when I got hired at TrueX. Now I get to go out, hunt down and make deals with large companies like AT&T so we can run ads on their properties.

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