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Course auditing is available only to Rady School Alumni

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Cohort:  FE MBA
Title of the course you wish to audit:
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Please read and acknowledge the following before submitting your request

The following policies apply for alumni to audit and/or enroll in Rady School classes:
• Rady alumni may audit Rady courses, contingent on space availability, a completed application, and a signed Class Auditing Policy document.
• Enrollment is open only to elective Rady School classes.

o There is no fee to audit courses
o Alumni will be provided with a prox card and TritonEd access
o Alumni are responsible for their own parking arrangements (maps will be provided)
o Some faculty may require students to purchase course materials. Alumni will be responsible for purchasing any course materials.
o Alumni must introduce themselves to the faculty at or before the first class meeting
o Attendance is required for all class sessions
o Priority will be given to alums that have not previously audited any classes
o In the event there are more applicants than seats available, auditors will be chosen by a random lottery

• By signing this form, I agree to abide by the above policies and the UC San Diego Policy on Integrity of Scholarship:

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