Staff Directory

Rady School of Management
UC San Diego, Otterson Hall
9500 Gilman Drive # 0553
La Jolla, California 92093-0553

If you have questions about the Rady School or would like more information, please contact us at 858.534.3505.

Academic Personnel & Faculty Support

Curriculum Support
Mail Code: 0553
Doug Dutson Academic Personnel & Curriculum Support Manager
Marge Donnett Academic Personnel Coordinator
Rosangela Assenti Curriculum & Faculty Support Representative
Patricia Coakley Curriculum & Faculty Support Representative
Frances Diaz Curriculum & Faculty Support Representative
Chau Nguyen Curriculum & Faculty Support Representative

Behavioral Lab

Rady Behavioral Lab
9500 Gilman Drive
Wells Fargo Hall, Fifth Floor
Mail Code 0553
La Jolla, California 92093-0553
Tel: 858-246-0881

Jyoti Jhita  Coordinator

Beyster Institute

Beyster Institute
9500 Gilman Drive
Otterson Hall South, Fourth Floor
Mail Code 0553
La Jolla, California 92093-0553
Tel: 858.822.6000

Martin Staubus Executive Director
Anthony Mathews Senior Employee Ownership Consultant
Damien Vira Lead Employee Ownership Consultant
Ron Zollars Employee Ownership Programs and Communications

Dean’s Office

Dean’s Office
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.534.0939

Robert Sullivan Dean
Leonard LaFebre Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
JoAnne Starr Assistant Dean, Strategy, Curriculum & Rankings
Brandie Erbe Dean’s Executive Assistant
Christine McMahan Academic Assessment Senior Anaylst
Lada Rasochova Executive Director, California Institute for Innovation and Development
Jon Valencia Administrative Assistant to Dean and Senior Staff

Development & Alumni Affairs

Development & Alumni Affairs
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.0370
Zachary Smith Senior Director of Development
Kate Beaver Associate Director of Development
Traci Doddy Development Coordinator
Karlee Simek Assistant Director of Alumni & Donor Programs
Stacy Skubic Director, Alumni Affairs
Megan Theriault Assistant Director of Events

Executive Development

Executive Development
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.0575

Clark Jordan Assistant Dean
Jill Farwell Program Manager & Supervisor
Jeannie Campanella Executive Education Business Development
Nancy Peritz Program Manager
Philayne Pribnow Program Manager
Yunqi Tan Fiscal Assistant
Nenuca Cariaga Program Assistant

Facilities Management

Facilities Management
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.0628

Erwin Milan Director
Jay Logan Senior Building Maintenance, Lead
Richard Guzman Senior Building Maintenance


Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.2794
Josue Ayala Fiscal Analyst
Kimberly Coleman Travel & Fiscal Specialist
Gurpreet Dhiman Financial Specialist
Lori Kluck General Accounting Specialist

Graduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.534.0864

Shaun Carver Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs
Jay Bryant Director, Graduate Recruitment & Admissions
Sherry Hu Sr. Assistant Director, Graduate Recruitment & Admissions
Giovanna Iaffaldano Sr. Assistant Director, Graduate Recruitment & Admissions
Emily Dayton Graduate Admissions Advisor - MS Business Analytics
Julia Nemeth Graduate Admissions Advisor - MBA Programs
Madriqueka Koppe Graduate Admissions Advisor - Master of Finance
Rebecca Korff Graduate Admissions Coordinator

Graduate Career Connections

Graduate Career Connections
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.7413
Terra Saltzman-Baker Director, Rady Graduate Career Connections
Yvonne Wu Careers Program Manager
Diana Kanchanasuwan Careers Program Assistant
Phillip McMullen Graduate Career Advisor
Jeanette Meliska-Romero Graduate Career Advisor
Rosilynn Tillett (Pennywell) Graduate Career Advisor
Kathy Self Graduate Career Advisor
Kim Higgins Graduate Career Advisor
Linda Kurtz Flex MBA and Alumni Coach

Graduate Student Services

Graduate Student Services
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.534.2815
Gary Henderson Director of Graduate Student Services
Isaac Amad Graduate Programs Advisor
Anju Shimura Graduate Programs Advisor
Jessica Pham Graduate Student Services Coordinator
Starr Culver Graduate Student Services Coordinator
Jeannette Fox  Graduate Programs Advisor
Academic Advisor & Funding Coordinator

Human Resources

Human Resources
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.534.0885
Suzanne Patti Staff Human Resources Manager
Salomon Rojas Payroll Coordinator

Information Technology

Information Technology
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.534.0845
Dean Olsen Director of Computing and Information Systems
Eneraldo Barcena Multimedia Specialist
Stephen Gaither Help Desk Technician
Tugay Inal Programmer/Analyst, Help Desk Supervisor
Mike Liseski Help Desk Technician
Kevin MacNeel Web Applications Programmer
Rachael Robinson Computer Resource Specialist
Brandon Salas Systems Administrator
Gerry Teotico Help Desk Technician

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.4205

For press inquiries:
Melinda Battenberg
Joleen Schultz Director of Marketing
Melinda Battenberg Public Information Representative
Carlene Brecheisen Marketing Coordinator
Brooke Coraldi Art Director
Sean Hlavac UX Designer
Hallie Jacobs Digital Marketing Manager
Alex Wissman Marketing Data Specialist

Ph.D. Programs

Ph.D. Programs
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.246.2233
Ghada Haddad Academic Advisor & Funding Coordinator

Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Education
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.0753
Clark Jordan Assistant Dean
Gila Zanelli Undergraduate Program Manager
Chelsea Balderston Undergraduate Program Assistant
Diana Hernandez Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Alexander Cromidas Undergraduate Academic Advisor