Staff Directory

Rady School of Management
UC San Diego, Otterson Hall
9500 Gilman Drive # 0553
La Jolla, California 92093-0553

If you have questions about the Rady School or would like more information, please contact us at 858.534.9000.

Academic Personnel & Faculty Support

Curriculum Support
Mail Code: 0553
Doug Dutson Academic Personnel & Faculty Support Manager 858-822-4214
Daryl Barber Academic Personnel Analyst  858-534-8412
Nicole Bollhalder Academic Personnel Analyst 
Rosangela Assenti Faculty Support Representative 858-822-6921
Patricia Coakley Faculty Support Representative 858-534-0206
Chau Nguyen Faculty Support Representative 858-534-8660
Carol Larkin Faculty Support Representative 858-534-2389

Behavioral Lab

Rady Behavioral Lab
9500 Gilman Drive
Wells Fargo Hall, Fifth Floor
Mail Code 0553
La Jolla, California 92093-0553
Tel: 858.246.0881

Tiss Doci  Coordinator 858-246-0881

Beyster Institute

Beyster Institute
9500 Gilman Drive
Otterson Hall South, Fourth Floor
Mail Code 0553
La Jolla, California 92093-0553
Tel: 858.822.6000

Kim Blaugher Executive Director 858-822-2489
Scott Leach Senior Employee Ownership Consultant 858-822-6576
Mitch Miller Senior Employee Ownership Consultant 858-822-6010
Tina Xu Employee Ownership Consultant 858-246-5282
Mauro Canelo Employee Ownership Consultant 858-246-5284

Career Management Center

Career Management Center
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.7413
Career Connections Director 858-822-0921
Stephanie Sindt Assistant Director of Careers - Internship Coordinator 858-246-5827
Mitch Kam Assistant Director of Careers - Internship Coordinator 858-246-4972
Jeanette Meliska-Romero Graduate Career Advisor 858-534-6873
Michelle Sedgwick Graduate Career Advisor 858-534-0186 
Kathy Self Graduate Career Advisor 858-534-0901
Michelle Tillman Graduate Career Advisor 858-246-5751
Linda Kurtz Flex MBA and Alumni Coach (Consultant)
Alice Grgas Careers Program Assistant 858-246-5498

Dean’s Office

Dean’s Office
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858-534-0939

Lisa Ordóñez Ph.D. Dean 858-822-0830
Hunter Barker
Assistant Dean, Strategy and Operations 858-246-1875
Leonard LaFebre Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration 858-822-7463
Lada Rasochova Executive Director, California Institute for Innovation and Development 858-534-0918
Brandie Erbe Executive Assistant to the Dean
Christine McMahan Academic Assessment Senior Analyst 858-822-6015
Jon Valencia Administrative Assistant to Dean and Senior Staff jbvalencia

Development & Alumni Affairs

Development & Alumni Affairs
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.0370
Kate Heusner Managing Director, Development 858-534-2336
Monique Casellas Director, Development 858-822-7446
Karlee Simek Assistant Director of Alumni & Donor Programs 858-534-6414
Stacy Skubic Director, Alumni Affairs 858-822-5069
Cliff Carter Assistant Director, Events 858-822-7441
Traci Doddy Development Coordinator 858-822-0370

Executive Development

Executive Development
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.0575

Philayne Pribnow Program Manager 858-822-7853
Najat Naime Financial Assistant 858-822-2977

Facilities Management

Facilities Management
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.0628

Erwin Milan Director of Facilities Management 858-822-0628
Jay Logan Senior Building Maintenance, Lead 858-822-0628
Emily Hartman-Fiedler Facilities and Graduate Programs Operations Assistant 858-534-3505
Gicela Yamez Senior Custodian/Day Porter 858-822-0628


Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.2794
Josue Ayala Fiscal Analyst, Lead 858-822-0801
Bryan Liborio Fiscal Analyst
Kimberly Coleman Travel & Fiscal Assistant III 858-246-0561
Sangeeta Revankar Fiscal Assistant III 858-822-6006
Yunqi Tan General Accounting Analyst 858-534-3680

Graduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.534.0864

Matthew Alex Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions 858-534-2777
Gerard Banales Recruitment Outreach Specialist 858-534-0864
Kristi Castrogiovani Graduate Admissions Assistant III - MSBA, MFin, MPAc 858-246-3318
Emily Dayton Assistant Director of Admissions - MS Business Analytics/Masters Program Admissions Lead 858-534-2431
Stacy Goldstein Assistant Director of Admissions - Master of Prof. Accountancy 858-534-2711
Sherry Hu Sr. Assistant Director, Graduate Recruitment & Admissions 858-822-7418
Aimee Huynh Graduate Admissions Assistant III - MBA
 Julia Nemeth

Assistant Director of Admissions - MBA Full-Time

Audrey Phillips Assistant Director of Admissions - Master of Finance 858-534-5161
Nancy Serrano Assistant Director of Admissions - FlexWeekend MS Business Analytics 858-822-6462


Graduate Student Affairs

Graduate Student Affairs
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.534.2815
Jodi Miller Director of Graduate Student Affairs
Meredith Swinney Assistant Director of Graduate Student Affairs 858-822-4279
Isaac Amad Graduate Programs Advisor 858-534-2577
Ross Cordova Graduate Programs Advisor  858-246-5316
Starr Culver Graduate Student Services Assistant III 858-534-2829
Hillary Flocke Graduate/PhD Advisor 858-246-5645
Jade Hermes Instructional Support Assistant III 858-534-0046
Thonton Lemoh Graduate Student Services Assistant III 858-534-0803
Cheri Radke Instructional Support Assistant III 858-246-3332
Chrystal Randler Graduate Programs Advisor 858-534-8117
Jaclyn Sanchez Graduate Programs Advisor

Human Resources

Human Resources
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.534.0885
Suzanne Patti Staff Human Resources Manager 858-534-0885
Salomon Rojas Payroll Coordinator 858-534-8361

Information Technology

Information Technology
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.534.0845
Dean Olsen Director of Computing and Information Systems 858-246-0088
Tugay Inal Help Desk Supervisor 858-822-5134
Greg Aujero Help Desk Technician 858-822-7420
Eneraldo Barcena Multimedia Specialist 858-822-7420
Mike Liseski Help Desk Technician 858-822-5134
Mary Michael Web Applications Programmer 858-246-3132
Rachael Robinson Help Desk Tech / Web Editor 858-534-7724
Brandon Salas Systems Administrator 858-246-2356
Gerry Teotico Help Desk Technician 858-534-7484
Luke Williams Web Applications Programmer 858-534-7378
Alex Wissman Data Analyst

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.4205

For press inquiries:
Melinda Battenberg
Ana Amado-Garcia Director of Marketing 858-534-5468
Joel Ackerman Videographer/Producer 858-246-5589
Lori Barsness Marketing Vendor Liaision  858-822-4105
Melinda Battenberg Public Information Representative 858-534-0855
Camille Cannon Social Media Coordinator 858-822-2875
Nathalie Guiragossian Art Director/Graphic Designer 858-534-0912

Ph.D. Programs

Ph.D. Programs
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.246.2233
Hillary Flocke Graduate/PhD Advisor

Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Education
Mail Code: 0553
Tel: 858.822.0753
Gila Zanelli Director, Undergraduate Education 858-822-7453
Chelsea Balderston Undergraduate Program Coordinator 858-246-0392
Estefania Perez Undergraduate Program Assistant 858-246-5947
Anju Stringer Lead Undergraduate Academic Advisor 858-822-0753
Christina Durbin Undergraduate Academic Advisor 858-246-3280