John Yamauchi, '16

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Why did you choose to pursue a Master of Science in Business Analytics?

I chose to pursue a MS in Business Analytics degree because I wanted to incorporate analytic techniques into making business decisions. Having skills in analytics is becoming more and more of an advantage across many industries and I wanted to get an edge by adding these skills to my resume.

Why did you choose the Rady School?

I chose the Rady School because of its deep integration with both the scientific and industrial community surrounding the San Diego region. I also am very impressed with the Rady faculty and look forward to learning more about how to improve business processes from the curriculum.

What do you feel makes Rady unique? How do you benefit from these aspects?

As an Alum of UC San Diego and an entrepreneur, I am very committed to working toward San Diego's technological and entrepreneurial environment. Rady is unique because of its consistent focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. With so many great entrepreneurial faculty and students on campus, Rady provides a great environment for anyone with an idea to successfully grow it into a viable venture.

What classes are you looking forward to taking this year?

I look forward to taking Customer Analytics (MGTA 455), Collecting and Analyzing Large Data (MGTA 452), and Business Forecasting (MGTF 405). Each of these courses will provide great hands on experience to acquire, clean, and visualize relevant datasets. I'm also very eager to start the Business Analytics Capstone project, which will allow me to test out the new skills and put them to work in a real world environment.

How has your perspective on your career or your life changed since you came to Rady?

My perspective on my career has not shifted as I still am very entrepreneurial and project-based. However, my vision has been enhanced by allowing me to see the multitude of situations in which to apply analytics in making better decisions.

What are your goals after graduation?

After graduation, I would like to work on multiple projects in which I can provide consultation for companies and organizations. I especially would like to help startups receive revenue as soon as possible so that they can be more independent and sustain themselves going forward.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

I advise prospective students to make the best of their time at Rady and get a head start on all of the resources at UC San Diego. It is never too early to start networking with the faculty, administrators and current students. My decision was highly influenced by my communications with all of these individuals and I am very pleased with my decision.

Anything else you would like to share?

It has been a great experience thus far. Rady and UC San Diego are great places to be for entrepreneurs, scientists and those that want to change the future.

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