Rady Veterans Association


President: Ted Pease (Flex-Evening’ 21)
Vice President: Jason Fedish (Flex-Evening ’21)
Board Members: Paul Wynns (MBA Graduate, working on PhD


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The Rady Veteran Association is the conduit bridging the gap between veterans, students, alumni, the school and external communities. The RVA builds a meaningful and valuable experience for Veteran Students through events and guiding the school to develop, enhance, and communicate the value of the veteran in the business world.


Major Events:

Value of a Veteran
Corporate Board
Annual Paintball Leadership Challenge
Quarterly Beer Meet-Up


Upcoming Events

  • Value of a Veteran (April 2021), featuring guest John Perez; Head of Military & Veteran Affairs at Johnson & Johnson.
  • Beer Meetup: next location and date TBD
  • Annual Paintball Leadership Challenge: Subject to COVID rules, regulations and restrictions. May be cancelled until Spring, 2022. Open to undergrads.