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This course focuses on the development of innovation and taking it to market for Ph.D. and post graduate students. The course deals with the competencies needed to become an innovative, opportunity-driven, market-ready and entrepreneurial manager.

Startups routinely generate ideas for new business opportunities. Few of them however, really evaluate the complexities associated with bringing a new idea into the market. Through the process of developing a business model canvas, you will have the chance to evaluate and deal with a wide range of issues entrepreneurs face while seeking to capitalize on market opportunities. This hands-on course covers the techniques and methods for the generation of new venture ideas, assessment of these ideas to qualify them as viable opportunities, and development of an analytical framework for validating ideas. We are specifically focused on learning how to identify innovative scalable new venture ideas that fulfill a market need, state customer value propositions and add social and economic value.

During this course, you will form a group and choose a business plan project to work on. Hopefully, some of you will use this class to launch your own business. Class discussions will focus on practical ways to design and develop a business plan. Your group will be expected to spend time outside of class “in the field” to gather the necessary data to incorporate into the plan. Throughout this process you will have a chance to acquire and utilize a wide range of skills necessary to evaluate and plan for an entrepreneurial business opportunity. Given new ideas are often a dime a dozen, the real challenge lies in translating innovative ideas into viable and valuable market opportunities.


This program will focus around one preliminary deliverable:  Business Plan Presentation. For this assignment, students will work in groups to develop a business plan and involve interviewing prospective customers. Presentations are scheduled for the last day of class.

At the beginning of the program you will organize into a group of no more than 5 people to work on a business plan project. Each student will be asked to identify a potential business idea that could evolve into a class project. During the class, each student will present their individual business idea. During the course, you will assemble a business plan based upon research, course hand-out material and extensive field work. At the end of the course, your group will be asked to do a formal in-class presentation of your business plan.


All UC San Diego Ph.D.s, postdocs and graduate students interested in business are eligible. A selective application process will be used to enroll a cohort of 36 participants.  This course is primarily for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows at UC San Diego and affiliated institutions. Micro-MBA graduates will be given priority.


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