Determining the Value of Customer Preferences Using Conjoint Analysis

Explore methodologies that enable the quantification of customer value, preferences, and of market opportunities.


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8:00am - 12:00pm

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This class is part of the Marketing & Strategy Certificate Program.


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About the Program

Today’s business world is competitive, data driven, and is not forgiving of hand-waving in the boardroom. Managerial decisions are to be based on hard data. In this module we explore methodologies that enable the quantification of customer value, preferences, and of market opportunities. Using cutting edge applications of conjoint analysis we explore the design, implementation, analysis, post-analysis what-if simulations and predictions needed to shed light and provide accurate answers to complex business questions. We also discuss how to interpret such results.

Who Should Attend

This course is appropriate for managers engaged in market research, new product/service development, pricing decisions, as well as those at the receiving ends of analyses based on such methodologies.


On Amir

Dr. On Amir's research focuses on using behavioral science principles to identify successful business strategies in different market settings, as applied to pricing, branding, go-to-market, market research, selling formats, and new product development decisions. He investigates different customer decision-making mechanisms and their influences on pricing and promotion strategies, on decision making under risk and uncertainty, and on preference dynamics. He also writes about how insights from research on decision making and behavioral economics may be used to improve business practices and policy making.

Amir has received several research awards from the Marketing Science Institute and from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation. Prior to coming to UC San Diego, he was an assistant professor of marketing at Yale University. Amir received his Ph.D. in management science and marketing from MIT’s Sloan School of Management in 2003.


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