Effective Business Writing: Crafting Clear, Concise and Compelling Content

Skills learned in this course will enable you to communicate clearly, concisely, and creatively using the written word.


August 28, 2018


8:00am - 12:00pm.

Registration fee includes course materials, campus parking, and catered breakfast.

This class is part of the Communication Certificate Program.


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About the Program

A recent study of 100 LinkedIn profiles found that those possessing strong writing skills received considerably more promotions over a ten-year period than their colleagues demonstrating weaker writing skills. Business writing skills can have wide-ranging, effects on your career. Such skills can affect your ability to create successful business plans, attract investors, communicate with employees, and communicate with clients. The skills learned in this course will enable you to communicate clearly, concisely, and creatively via the written word—the skills you need to get your points across effectively and distinguish yourself from the competition. Many of the skills you learn in this course can also be applied to your presentations.


This course will teach you the skills you need to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively to your audience and to make your writing stand out. You will learn how to get the ideas out of your head onto paper and how to organize those ideas cohesively. You will also learn how to make your writing stronger, less generic, clearer, and more engaging.


Upon finishing this course, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Overcome writers block
  • Organize ideas around a central point
  • Revise effectively
  • Prune the unnecessary words and phrases that compromise the strength of your writing
  • Form strong, active sentences
  • Make complex ideas reader-friendly
  • Create engaging prose


The only trophy that bears the name Jenny Baranick is from the 1983 Crescent Elementary School Read-A-Thon. Continuing her passion for the written word, Jenny received her B.A. in English at the University of California Berkeley and her M.A.in English at the University of Sydney. She has endeavored to share her passion with her English Composition and Critical Thinking students at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where she has taught since 2005.

In an effort to make grammar more palatable and more fun (yes, fun), she wrote the grammar guide Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares, published by Skyhorse Publishing in 2012. She has also had a grammar blog since 2010, which shares the name of her book, and she has penned several writing-related columns for Toastmasters International’s magazine. With the goal of spreading awareness about the importance of writing skills, she drives her grammarmobile around San Diego in hopes that the funny grammar sayings all over her car will cultivate such awareness —and not cause accidents.

Check out her blog at http://missedperiodsandothergrammarscares.blogspot.com/


*The Rady School of Management Center for Executive Development (CED) may change, postpone or cancel a class at any time.  We do not provide refunds for any fees related to travel, including but not limited to gas, bus fare, train tickets, airline tickets, etc.  Certificate requirements may also change. We will provide as much notice as possible should this occur.