Innovate Like Apple: Play Your Way to New Ideas with Genius Games

Building on the games designed for the creators of Apple Computer, participants will be given tools that open up new paths of creativity and problem solving in their work.


Date: TBD


8:00am - 12:00pm

Registration fee includes tuition, course materials, parking and breakfast.

This class is part of the Marketing & Strategy Certificate Program.


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About the Program

Can creativity be taught? Other than dogged work, determination, or the serendipity of the gods, how can we consistently create breakthrough ideas, products and solutions? Here’s a new answer: We play. Building on the games designed for the creators of Apple Computer, participants will be given tools that open up new paths of creativity and problem solving in their work. Learn more about what Genius Games is all about!!


We play Genius Games not only to discover previously invisible doors but open them and inhabit a new world. These are not traditional games where one player wins and others lose. The object of Genius Games is not the ‘goal’ but the potential transformation of your own brain/mind. Heart, emotions and spirit come into it too, so that participants may become creative thinkers, producing solutions for the good of oneself, one’s work and all mankind.


The course is appropriate for researchers seeking a breakthrough; corporate leaders seeking a new vision or product; professionals in health, well-being, or medicine; designers, communicators and artists; educators and policy thinkers; and professionals who seek a more innovative path for their work.


  • Lower their associative brain barriers: unlearning old patterns
  • Make new neural connections: new results are revealed
  • Experience new perspectives of time and place: establishing new ground to work from
  • Tap into their own human experience of fear, hunger or aspiration: creating new answers from the core of the question
  • Reverse-think problems through objects: Learning to create on demand


Jill Wright

Jill Wright has won or been nominated for awards ranging from The Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize, to IFTC Audience Choice selection in Toronto. As a writer, she has written across a spectrum of media including books for children and computer games. She has been a consultant and/or lecturer at Apple Computer, Lucas Film, Warner Bros., Stanford Univ., UCLA, Loyola Marymount, Voyager Company, Los Angeles Children’s Museum, American Library Association, English Teachers of Los Angeles, Long Beach State, San Francisco State, National Alliance of Theater in Education, ARCO, UC Berkeley, Kachemak Bay Writer’s Conference, and many others.

She has developed a unique method for coaching creatives and helping them to break through to their best work in a short amount of time. She teaches Seminars for Innovation using “Genius Games”— techniques developed for the innovators at Apple Computer. Her work is taught in the IT Masters program at UC Berkeley. “Jill Wright is a prophet in her own country.” Ed Asner

Rebecca Johannsen

Dr. Rebecca Johannsen specializes in creating active learning environments, based on techniques used in the theatre, to create opportunities to not only learn the latest in organisational theory, but to put it into practice. She has been working in the fields of emotional intelligence, collaboration, and creativity, as well as working as a public speaking coach, for nearly 10 years.  She holds a Ph.D. in Drama from the University of California Irvine. She has worked with organizations ranging from the fields of Biotech and Communications, to Government, Retail, Military, Education, and Advertising, among others. She is one of the highest rated instructors at the UC San Diego Rady School of Management's Centre for Executive Education, where she works with business leaders on emotional intelligence, resilience, communication, and collaboration. She has taught at New York University, Fordham University, the University of California Irvine, California State University Northridge, and Mercy College. She is also a successful playwright, director, actor, and producer. For more information about the programs Dr. Johannsen offers, visit


*The Rady School of Management Center for Executive Development (CED) may change, postpone or cancel a class at any time.  We do not provide refunds for any fees related to travel, including but not limited to gas, bus fare, train tickets, airline tickets, etc.  Certificate requirements may also change. We will provide as much notice as possible should this occur.

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