MBA for Biotech Leaders

Rady MBA For Biotech Professionals

As a biotechnology professional, the Rady MBA program will provide you with the business and leadership skills and knowledge needed to advance your career beyond the lab to a position of influence and impact. Born from a collaboration between the Rady School of Management and UC San Diego Health Sciences, an internationally acclaimed academic medical center, the Rady MBA draws qualified applicants from the fields of bioengineering, biophysics, and biochemistry interested in developing life science technologies and products to improve both human life and the health of our planet.

Strong Curriculum for Leadership

The Rady MBA experience is unlike other business schools. The FlexMBA program begins with our robust core curriculum, the Lab to Market course sequence, and a plethora of electives, . Whether you want to launch a startup or advance your career within an organization, the Rady MBA provides the skills you need to excel.  You will learn how to source and evaluate marketable ideas, transform ideas into scalable products and services and develop and evaluate business models.  

Electives In Biotechnology and Applied Sciences

Our elective courses enable you to tailor your Rady School MBA to your own interests and career goals. More than half of the Rady School curriculum is elective, enabling you to develop depth in a specific functional area or build a broad general management portfolio, preparing you to transition from the lab to the boardroom. Electives cover topics such as drug discovery, development and commercialization, as well as, biotechnology industry, structure, and strategy. You also have the opportunity to learn the venture capital field through two course options and, if you choose, experience it first hand through the Rady Venture Fund.

As a Rady MBA student, you have access to a wide range of projects and companies under the guidance of a faculty member. Independent study projects allow you to garner hands on experience and fine tune business skills relevant to your career goals. The direction you take with your FlexMBA is up to you.

Connections to the Industry

San Diego is a nexus of innovation known for its many biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical companies.  In addition to relationships established within the Rady School, MBA students have many opportunities to work alongside industry leaders and establish valuable connections.