MGT 119: Topics in Business (4 units)

This class fulfills an elective for the Business Minor. Certain topics may be approved as electives for E&I Minors depending on relevance. 

NOTE: MGT119 is a rotating topics course. Students can repeat MGT119 with different topics 3 times or up to 12 units of credit. 

Course Descriptions and Quarters Offered:

Introduces advanced topics of special interest in business and addresses the new frontiers in the industry. Topics may include intellectual property, consumer behavior, market research, analytics and spreadsheet modeling, etc. May be taken for credit three times. Prerequisites: upper-division standing.

Spring 2019:

MGT 119: Data Analytics for Event Management (4)

This course will offer insight into the role of data analytics in the event management realm underscoring the importance of understanding how best to optimize “the connect” with event consumers. Students will be introduced to and become familiar with the terms/tools relevant to articulating data analytics in the event management vertical industry, and examine the difference between the use of data analytics for marketing “of” and “through” the use of marketing-staging of events.


Summer 2018: 

MGT 119: Topics in Business- Marketing for High-Technology and Innovation (4)

This course focuses on understanding why marketing for high-tech is different. Objectives for this course include learning the dynamics and life-cycles of innovation-driven markets, segmenting and targeting critical customers along the adoption life cycle. Focus will be placed on learning how to utilize strategies to cross the chasm, as well as defining a go-to-market plan that leverages a whole product and network effects.