MGT 119: Topics in Business (4 units)

This class fulfills an elective for the Business and certain topics may be approved as electives for the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor depending on relevance. 

NOTE: MGT119 is a rotating topics course. Students can repeat MGT119 with different topics 3 times or up to 12 units of credit. 

Course Descriptions and Quarters Offered:

Introduces advanced topics of special interest in business and addresses the new frontiers in the industry. Topics may include intellectual property, consumer behavior, market research, analytics and spreadsheet modeling, etc. May be taken for credit three times. Prerequisites: upper-division standing.


Sustainable Products and Business Model Innovation (4 units)

“Scientific study is one of UCSD’s greatest strengths. To drive science-based change, society needs people who can translate scientific knowledge into innovative business products, processes and business models globally.” -- Cathy Moran, instructor

Companies who take sustainability seriously have been shown to be noticeably more innovative than their competitors. These companies are rapidly changing the way we think about products, technologies, processes, and business models. Business leaders need to be able to identify economic, social and environmental opportunities and drive innovation to capitalize on them, ultimately benefiting society as well as the companies behind these innovations.

Students will study a set of methods for sustainable product and business model innovation which are now being used successfully around the world. Using a variety of readings, case examples, discussions, experiential exercises, and a challenging project, students will explore and apply the principles of this set of methods.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the economic, environmental and social opportunities of sustainable product & business model innovation
  • Know about and be able to apply a wide range of tools and best practices for sustainable product & business model innovation
  • Have gained insights into a large number of successful sustainable business models

Most importantly:

  • You should be keen to make a positive impact in firms, startups or with your own business

Offered: Spring 2020


Data Analytics for Event Management (4 units)

This course will offer insight into the role of data analytics in the event management realm underscoring the importance of understanding how best to optimize “the connect” with event consumers. Students will be introduced to and become familiar with the terms/tools relevant to articulating data analytics in the event management vertical industry, and examine the difference between the use of data analytics for marketing “of” and “through” the use of marketing-staging of events.

The course will focus on five basic event data analytics concepts and their innovative application in the business of event management.
• Data Analytics For Event Management-Pre/During/Post Event Applications
• Data Analytics Assist With Brand Marketing—Market Positioning Importance—if you build it will they really come?
• Data Analytics Integration With Event Sponsorship
• Event Management PR/Media Channels
• Digital Event Management/Technology Applications-Traditional (Print, versus Non-Traditional (Social)

Additional topics include the effect of globalization on special event staging (with insight into selected Industry Case Studies), and other entrepreneurial endeavors, and actual events and initiatives, will help students develop the critical thinking skills that contribute to continued success in event staging--business settings (focus on sport/tourism/entertainment verticals).

Offered: Spring 2020


Marketing for Innovation and High Tech (4 units)

"Understanding why marketing for high-tech is different, knowing dynamics and life-cycles of innovation-driven markets, segmenting and targeting critical customers along the adoption life cycle, utilizing strategies to cross the chasm, defining a go-to-market plan that leverages a whole product and network effects" -- Guido Baltes, Instructor

MGT 119 Topics in Business: Marketing for Innovation and High Tech addresses challenges in marketing for tech-driven products and services through a combination of published concepts, journal articles, real-life examples, and group discussions. The course will discuss the application of marketing frameworks within the context of high-tech markets and innovation. Moreover, the course will introduce students to specific concepts, methods and tools that are unique to marketing in the context of innovation and high tech.

Offered: Summer Session 2 2019