MGT129 Topics in Entrepreneurship

MGT 129: Topics in Entrepreneurship (2 units)

This class fulfills a partial elective requirement for the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor or the Business Minor. Two 2-unit courses can be combined for the equivalent of a 4-unit elective course. Prerequisites: Upper division standing

NOTE: MGT129 is a rotating topics course. Students can repeat MGT129 with different topics 3 times or up to 6 units of credit. 

Course Descriptions and Quarters Offered:

Women in Business

This MGT129 topic will likely be offered in Winter 2018.

MGT129: Topics in Entrepreneurship - Women and Power in Business

Despite clear data on the positive financial impact of highly diverse teams, as one examines organizations, the percentage of women and minorities decreases moving up the levels of leadership. In the US, at the CEO level representation of women is just over 6%. In this course, students will examine the current context of power dynamics and gender at work and in leadership, to explore the business opportunity waiting to be leveraged. This hands-on leadership lab sets the stage with the economic context then explores cultural, psychological, and personal facets of the complexities, including intersectionality. In addition to readings, the class will include experiential exercises, guest speakers, and individual and team projects. Students will draft an individual “Professional Development Plan" to incorporate their conclusions and action steps as they move into their professional careers; team projects will explore a current business opportunity that leverages one of the seven drivers identified UN Secretary General’s High Level panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment. 

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Meyer, Alison Bloomfield




Intellectual Property Law

This MGT129 topic will likely be offered in Spring 2018.

Intellectual property has been called the lifeblood of companies.  Assuring that your IP strategy is on target is essential to your business.  This class will cover the basics of intellectual property and then move on to illustrating strategic approaches you can take to maximize the value of your investment in IP.  Case studies will illustrate common pitfalls and issues that can arise.


Developing an Entrepreneurial Workforce 

This MGT129 topic will likely be offered in Spring 2018.

This course is intended to equip students with the insights, knowledge and practical tools that will enable them to go forth as entrepreneurs to develop and lead a workforce that will perform at the highest possible level. They will learn to hire, develop and inspire people who can bring the necessary skills and abilities to their workplace, to encourage innovation and initiative by offering meaning and purpose, and to strengthen employee commitment by fostering a sense of personal dignity in each worker as well a sense of community among people who are committed to shared goals.