MGT 153 Business Analytics

Course Description

This class fulfills a requirement for the Business Minor.

Prerequisites: Upper Division Standing and 
MATH Requirement: Either Math 20A or Math 31AH and
STATISTICS Requirement: Select one of the following courses: 

BENG 100, BIEB 100, COGS 14B, ECE 109, Econ 120A, MAE 108, Math 11,
Math 180A, Math 181A, Math 183, Math 186, MGT 3, PSYC 60 or SIO 187, 
 Or by consent of department

This course is designed to help a business manager to use data to make good decisions in complex decision-making situations. Students will gain foundation knowledge of several analytical and econometric methods including decision analysis, probability theory, statistical inference, regression analysis, and hypothesis testing. Students will also learn how to use available computing technology to arrive at optimal solutions.