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You can connect with the Rady School's highly-qualified and diverse students through UC San Diego's Career Services Center. To post a job, attend an event, conduct an information session, or meet with candidates through on-campus interviews, please visit their website.

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Rady School Undergraduate Programs

Rady offers undergraduate minors in Business, Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Supply Chain. Our minors are the most popular on campus and draw students from a wide range of majors.


Accounting Students

Accounting minor students take seven core classes including Financial and Managerial Accounting, Auditing, Federal Taxation, and Intermediate and Advanced Accounting. The minor prepares students for positions with accounting firms in commercial, non-profit and governmental organizations. For many students, the accounting minor is the first step in the path to becoming a CPA.

  • 50% of accounting minor students major in Economics, Management Science, or Mathematics
  • 30% of accounting minor students major in International Studies - International Business
  • 20% of accounting minor students major in Social Sciences or other STEM fields


Business Students

Business minor students take five core classes including Personal and Corporate Ethics, Marketing and Product Management, Enterprise Finance and Global Business Strategy, plus two electives of their choice, for a total of seven classes. Students can choose to take their two electives within the same category and receive a “mini-concentration” in one of 5 categories: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, or Operations.

Rady students supplement the following majors with a Business Minor. 

  • 40% Mathematics, Economics, and Engineering Majors
  • 24% Humanities and Fine Arts Majors
  • 19% Social Sciences Majors
  • 17% Natural Sciences Majors


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Students

Entrepreneurship & Innovation minor students have a strong understanding of business and entrepreneurship theory, practices, and applications. The E&I Minor appeals to creative and ambitious undergraduate students who envision launching and managing their own business or entering careers in innovation-driven fields. Students complete seven courses: two practicum courses (Innovation to Market A & B), three core courses (Marketing, Personal and Corporate Ethics, and New Venture Finance), and two elective courses from a list of innovation and entrepreneurship-focused courses.

This unique minor draws students from all different majors on campus.

  • 35% Social Sciences Majors
  • 24% Engineering and Technology Majors
  • 18% Mathematics and Economics Majors
  • 16% Natural Sciences Majors
  • 7% Arts and Humanities Majors


Supply Chain Students

Supply Chain minor students study globalization, technology, and changing customer expectations for large corporations. The increase in interest in this field pushes the supply chain profession to seek people who can pioneer advancements at the intersection of the supply chain with the Internet of Things, social media, the cloud, and data security. Students take five core classes including Business Analytics, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management and Strategic Cost Management, along with two elective classes from a list of supply chain and operation management-focused courses. 


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