UPS and Extension Concurrent Enrollment

If you are attending classes at UCSD through a University-Credit program at UCSD Extension like UPS then you are conditionally eligible for concurrent enrollment in Rady Undergraduate courses.

The following information applies only to students registered with select UCSD Extension Programs for the Fall 2019 quarter. For more information, please visit UCSD Extension. 

Rady Concurrent Enrollment Instructions 2018-2019

Fall Quarter Enrollment begins 9/17/19

General Enrollment Guidelines:

Enrollment in Rady courses is not guaranteed.

  • No Graduate-level courses are available.
  • Explicit departmental approval and a stamped enrollment card is required for enrollment.
  • We offer sponsored and non-sponsored courses each quarter.
  • Sponsored: Reserved seats available for Rady-affiliated Extension programs. The sponsored course this quarter (FA19) is MGT 164 Section B00.
  • Non-sponsored: Seats potentially available, but none are guaranteed or reserved.

Rady Undergraduate Advisor Responsibilities:

  • The Rady School of Management has two academic advisors responsible for managing quarterly concurrent enrollment: Anju Shimura and Alex Cromidas.
  • Advisors are available to you to assist with questions related to Rady courses.
  • We are NOT Extension advisors.
  • Come to us with enrollment questions, please do not contact Rady instructors regarding course enrollment. 
  • You can reach us at


The UCSD Schedule of Classes should not be used as an accurate indicator of your chance of enrolling in a Rady course. The Schedule of Classes is not live information, can be inaccurate, and does not display internal departmental enrollment information. For an estimate of your chances of enrolling in a class, please email

Frequently Asked Questions - Concurrent Enrollment 

Can you predict my chances of getting into a class? 

We unfortunately cannot accurately predict your chances of getting a seat in every available course. If a seat becomes available for you, you will receive an email. If you have a question about enrollment in a specific class, please email While we can't make predictions about availability for all of our courses, we will still advise you on your chances to the best of our ability. 

What is the difference between a “Sponsored” class and a “Non-Sponsored” class?

Sponsored classes are those which the Rady-affliated Extension program (i.e. UPS) has reserved seats (usually one class per quarter.) This means that Extension students in that program are more likely to get a seat in Sponsored classes and seats can be guaranteed earlier. If you received a Registration Confirmation email for a Sponsored class, then you can get a stamp during Week 1 of the quarter. You will get an email telling you the specific timeframe in which you can get a stamp.
Non-Sponsored classes are the majority of Rady’s undergraduate classes. For Non-Sponsored classes, Extension students must sign up on a waitlist and wait to be notified by email if there is an open seat. If a seat opens up, then students can get a stamp on their concurrent enrollment card starting Week 2 of classes and the timeframe will be confirmed via email.

Can I take graduate level classes?

No, UPS/ Extension students can only take undergraduate level classes at UCSD Rady School of Management, regardless of your previous education. Classes numbered 1-199 are undergraduate classes and classes numbered 200 and above are graduate classes.

How will I know if I get a seat in a class?

You will receive an email between Week 1 and Week 3 of the spring quarter. If there aren't seats available in your chosen class, this email will inform you that there is no opportunity to enroll in that specific course. When you sign up for a class that has open seats or a seat becomes available in a class, then you will eventually get a confirmation/appointment email. This email will state that you are eligible for a stamp on your concurrent enrollment card and will include an appoint time to visit the Rady Undergraduate Programs office to recieve your stamp.

I'm not a student registered with UCSD UPS or Extension Programs. I'm also not an enrolled UCSD student. Can I still take Rady Undergraduate courses?

No, in order to participate in Rady Undergraduate classes you must be an enrolled UCSD student or a student registered with our partner Extension programs. If you are looking for tools to help you develop professionally, please look into Rady Graduate Programs or our Center for Executive Development.

Is your question not here? Please feel free to contact us or visit us during our walk-in hours! 

Non-UCSD students: Email us at