Lakshya Datta

student photo

Photo by Nick Abadilla

Lakshya is a senior and will be graduating with a degree in Management Science.

Why did you choose to take classes at the Rady School?

Rady’s undergraduate program brings the business school structure and environment to the undergraduate level. The focus on teamwork is an essential element for any professional setting, and the classes here are the perfect starting point for anyone planning on having a professional career. Taking classes at Rady was the perfect way to complement my major classes and also a great opportunity to learn from some of the best professors in their fields.

What would you like to tell other students about the Rady School’s Undergraduate Program?

Rady undergraduate courses offer a great learning experience for a student of any major. These courses can be the best starting point for anyone interested in a career in marketing, accounting or finance who is looking to develop the correct skill sets, or just looking to gain some basic knowledge about a field.

Which class has been your favorite? Any favorite instructors? Why?

My favorite class at enterprise finance with Professor Jean Dunn. In just 10 weeks he teaches you all the fundamentals of finance along with specific skills such as company valuation and financial modeling, giving his students enough to put on their resume to start a career. His goal is to equip his students with all the necessary resources so that they are ready to apply their recently acquired skills in the workplace right after the last class.