Lauren Lee Yu

student photo

Photo by Nick Abadilla

Lauren is a senior and will be graduating with a degree in Management Science and a minor in Accounting.

Why did you choose to take classes at the Rady School?

To be honest, when I enrolled for my first Rady class during my sophomore year I had no idea the Rady School existed, let alone that there were courses available to undergraduates. I signed up for Enterprise Finance on a whim and was amazed by how interactive the class was and how knowledgeable my professor and peers were. The idea of gaining practical knowledge of business related topics from top-notch professors, most of whom are also working professionals, has kept me signing up for Rady courses quarter after quarter.

What would you like to tell other students about the Rady School’s Undergraduate Program?

If you are looking for courses that will make you think outside the box and develop a business savvy that will give you a competitive edge after college, sign up for a class. Most Rady classes also give you an opportunity to work on your leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Which class has been your favorite? Any favorite instructors? Why?

I would have to say intermediate accounting with Professor Houskeeper. After learning the accounting basics in the pre-requisite courses, this was the first accounting class that I felt like I was learning about situations I could actually run into on the job. It was also interesting to see how much information you could extract about a company by simply looking at their financial statements.