Sam Michael Distaso

student photo

Photo by Nick Abadilla

Sam is a senior and will be graduating with an Economics degree.

Why did you choose to take classes at the Rady School?

I have chosen to take courses at the Rady School of Management because they offer the perfect transition into the business world after my academic studies are complete. By taking a host of different Rady courses I am experiencing a full range of subjects I would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about from top-notch professionals in each field.

What would you like to tell other students about the Rady School’s Undergraduate Program?

I would like to tell other students that the Rady School’s undergraduate program offers the widest and most fulfilling classes at UC San Diego. Start taking these courses as soon as possible, as employers love seeing active involvement in Rady. It offers a great way to start networking, while offering new challenges outside your regular curriculum.

Which class has been your favorite? Any favorite instructors? Why?

The beauty about the Rady courses is that you’re hearing real-life experiences as they pertain to the subject matter from highly regarded professionals in the field. My first ever class with Terrence August was in supply chain and operations management. I’ll never forget walking into the state-of-the-art classroom for the first time, feeling like I was walking into an MBA class. Professor August then went on to broaden my horizons and make me view the study of supply chain and operations management in a whole new light, giving me a refreshing perspective in this area. He was a rare professor that combined dynamic group projects, engaging in-class discussions and current examples of how these decisions were either making or breaking a company’s success.