Tiffany Hsu

student photo

Photo by Nick Abadilla

Tiffany is majoring in Communications with a minor in International Studies at John Muir College.

Why did you choose to take classes at the Rady School?

I saw the undergraduate courses as a great opportunity to actually learn about the various industries in business, and that was knowledge that I really needed and wanted.

What would you like to tell other students about the Rady School’s Undergraduate Program?

I think that it’s a great program and I highly recommend it to any student who’s interested in pursuing a career in business. Even if they’re not, I highly encourage it as well because the type of learning that you’re exposed to in these classes is very different than your typical lecture style of learning.

What are your career plans? How is Rady helping you to achieve your goals?

I plan to go into either marketing or advertising. Rady has definitely helped me gain more exposure to the broad industry of marketing through the MGT 103 class that I took. Even though the other courses aren’t directly related to my future occupation aspirations, it’s still good to take them to have the background knowledge because a lot of these business industries tie into each other in some way or another.

Which class has been your favorite? Any favorite instructors? Why?

My favorite class class was MGT 103 because it focused on marketing and the professor was utterly entertaining. Professor Nelson made class very interactive and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed his class.