Anna Runyan, MBA
FlexWeekend, 2011
Founder and CEO,

The flexibility of the Rady School of Management's MBA program was what initially captivated Anna Runyan (MBA '11). But the strength of the program, attentive professors and intelligent students in her cohort was what made her proud to continue her education.

As a member of the Flex Part-Time MBA cohort, Runyan enjoyed being able to partake in the program while maintaining a full-time career.

"I wanted to attend a top MBA program, but I didn't want to leave my job."

"I wanted to attend a top MBA program, but I didn't want to leave my job," she said. "I came to the Rady School because I wanted the flexibility to continue my advancement in my current career while getting my education."

She immediately noticed how applicable skills she learned at the Rady School were to her career, and how these skills could help her climb the professional ladder.

"I loved that I could apply what I was learning every night in the flex program to my job the next day," Runyan said. "I wanted the best education I could get and I wanted to be surrounded by motivated and ambitious classmates. I knew at the Rady School I would be pushed and it would expand not only my opportunities, but also my confidence and skillsets."

Making moves

Runyan discovered her path while at the Rady School, which inspired her to help other women find theirs. She developed, a website and resource hub for women that helps women find jobs and start businesses.

Runyan is the CEO and founder of the site, which was recognized by Forbes as a top 35 most influential career site and e-learning platform.

"More than anything, the Rady MBA gave me the confidence to believe in myself that I could start a business," she said. "I had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur when I started my MBA but by the time I had graduated, I knew I could turn my blog into a business."

Runyan continues to leverage her Rady experience to grow her business.

"I use every class I took at Rady in some way now running a company," she said. "I learned to be open to seeing new opportunities, new industries and new business models. Rady taught me to brainstorm and come up with future business ideas that my mind would never have let me do before."