Kwi Bulow, MD, MBA

FlexWeekend, 2014
Medical Director, Qualcomm Health Center

Kwi Bulow (MBA ’14) considers herself a professional student. So much so, that even after graduating from the Rady School of Management with her MBA in 2014, she continues to take classes in her quest to obtain as much knowledge as possible.

Add ‘professional student’ to her already impressive resume, which includes her current position as medical director of the Qualcomm Health Center, a physician and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford School of Medicine.

“Steeped in entrepreneurship”

Bulow came to the Rady School with a goal – to learn more about the business side of medical practice.

“I wanted to be more involved with some of the decision making that went on with health care programs instead of just taking care of patients,” she said.

But she received more than what she bargained for, as she was quickly introduced to the Rady School’s thriving entrepreneurial culture.

“Rady is steeped in entrepreneurship,” Bulow said. “When I first started classes, I was more focused on management side of curriculum, but my exposure to entrepreneurship – especially during the Lab to Market class – was extremely eye-opening for me. You have the opportunity to get involved and experience what it takes to create and run a business.”

“When I was a student, I started a company with some of my fellow Lab to Market classmates,” she said. “It's an online marketplace for healthcare-related services but we're doing a little bit of a pivot now. We're going in a different direction, but we're still together and we're still working on our idea.” 

“You really are hit by entrepreneurship from all sides. It's hard not to get the bug while you're here.” 

Addressing a need

As a physician, Bulow strives to provide the best quality care for her patients. But over the years she came to realize that healthcare’s complex nature creates roadblocks for patients and healthcare providers.

“Healthcare has become very complicated,” she said. “I want to look at different ways of delivering health care and different ways of paying for healthcare, so it's really important to have a business background and know about strategy and healthcare economics.”

Connected to campus

Although her time as a student has come to an end, Bulow continues to stay involved with the Rady School.

“It's nice to have my degree, but I miss learning, so I've audited 4 classes since graduating.” she said. “I'm currently taking Professor Vish Krishnan's class on service innovation, which is right up my alley. In one of our meetings, I was able to speak about what I'm doing and how I've improved operations in my clinic.”

She also attends alumni and executive breakfast series, as well as Lab to Market presentations.

“It’s great to be able to offer insight to current students and critique the business plans they are creating,” she said.

Bulow emphasized that her time at Rady paved the way for her to continue down a successful career path.

“I'm still very connected to the school and I'm enormously grateful for the experience they provided for me and I'm still continuing to learn.”