Mark Covell, MBA

FlexEvening, 2013
Senior Associate Product Manager, NuVasive

After spending years in the Marine Corps, Mark Covell (MBA ’13) was interested in taking his career in a different direction. But the idea of launching a new career seemed daunting.

“At first, I was unsure on where to start,” he said. “But one of my mentors in the Marines inspired me to pursue an MBA – I knew getting an MBA would get my life on track in the direction I wanted to go in.”

“Do it - it’s a good investment.”

According to Covell, the Rady School of Management was an obvious choice. After sitting in on a lecture, Covell knew Rady would serve as an exceptional Launchpad for his business career.

“The caliber of the students and instructors was really impressive,” he said. “I chose to come here because it worked for my schedule, but as soon as I was in the program I realized how fortunate I was – the level of the program is phenomenal.”

On the Right Track

When Covell arrived at Rady, he was interested in breaking into the biotechnology world. Without a background in the hard sciences, he feared that wouldn’t be possible. But his course curriculum and classroom experiences proved otherwise.

“Everything we learned at Rady was extremely applicable – you’re a leader for everything from marketing to business to strategy and financial aspects of businesses,” he said. “I don’t have a science background, but during my time at Rady, I identified a business I was interested in and leveraged my strengths and knowledge to focus my career path toward that industry.”

His hard work paid off. After graduation, Covell earned a position as a senior associate product manager for NuVasive, a company developing medical devices that improve spinal surgery procedures.

When asked about his most memorable moment at Rady, Covell mentioned that the Lab to Market class was imperative to his understanding of the business world.

“Presenting my team’s Lab to Market pitch to my cohort, Rady alumni and individuals in the business community was an incredible experience,” he said. “That pitch completed my business school experience and has set me up for success in my current role and future goals.”


In addition to the stellar academics and talents of students and professors, the entrepreneurial nature of the Rady School was compelling to Covell.

“I wanted to learn how to explore the world as an entrepreneur, and viewing business school as an avenue for a professional career – it started to become more real that I could one day be a part of something more entrepreneurial.”

When it comes to students interested in pursuing an MBA, Covell has a few words of advice:

“Do it — it’s a good investment.”