Sofia Zhang, MBA

Full-Time, 2016
Program Analyst, Qualcomm

Breaking into the business world is no easy feat. But Sofia Zhang’s secret to success? Approaching it with an entrepreneurial mind.

“I chose the Rady School because of its entrepreneurial spirit,” she said. “The school is different from other business schools that focus on finance or marketing because Rady focuses on how to launch a startup company.”

“I chose the Rady School because of its entrepreneurial spirit.”

Zhang came to Rady with the hopes of learning how to operate a company as a whole and to understand how various aspects, including marketing and finance, can contribute to the overall company’s mission.

Now, Zhang works as a Program Analyst at Qualcomm. While she enjoys her current position, she is looking forward to progress in her career and join a venture team, such as Qualcomm Ventures, and continue on her entrepreneurial journey.

“With UCSD’s great academic reputation and San Diego as great location, my Rady School education will provide me more opportunities to explore my entrepreneurial potential.”

The Importance of Networking

Her time as a student may be done, but that hasn’t stopped Zhang from continuing to learn and network.

“I like to reach out to network with people and join as many seminars as I can in San Diego,” she said. “I have a background in bioinformatics and computer science, the business part from Rady is a great combination to open my mind and build up my business acumen.”

The most important lesson she learned at Rady? Entrepreneurship is everywhere, not just in the world of startups. She says this lesson has carried into her everyday life, propelling her career forward.

“Entrepreneurship is not something far away that you can’t reach, it applies to all of our lives every day,” she said. “Business is about people, the goal is to make this a better world. This is how entrepreneurial people think.”

When reflecting on her time at the Rady School, a particular class comes to Zhang’s mind.

“The finance class taught by professor Jun Liu opened my eyes to the venture world and it probably will be my lifetime career path to one day own my own socially-conscious company.”

For prospective and current students, Zhang believes it is important to establish a vision.

“Know what you want out of the program, and focus on what means most to you,” she said. “If you are considering an MBA program, Rady is an exceptional choice – the entrepreneurial spirit, impressive network, perfect location and engaged faculty are what make me proud to be Rady Made.”