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Success Stories

CB Therapeutics

StartR Rady alum CB Therapeutics has been granted a new patent that will help further provide eco-conscious avenues for psychedelic research

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Algeon Materials

StartBlue alum Algeon Materials took top prize at this year’s Triton Innovation Challenge.

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Startr Building

Startr Accelerator

StartR is an accelerator designed to provide entrepreneurs with the tools needed to start and grow their businesses.

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Competitions and Challenges

Learn about the variety of competitions and challenges organized by or supported by CIID.

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CIID - Competitions - Person Presenting
Venture Funding - Money

Catalyst and Venture Funding

New venture financial support.

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Rady Entrepreneurs' Networks

DRIvE (Developing Rady Innovation Entrepreneurs) pairs startups with high-level mentors who can help entrepreneurs grow their companies.

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CIID- DRIvE Mentorship
CIID - Fellows - Group of Executives

Venture Fellows

Rady graduate students support startups and assess technology commercialization through projects ranging from developing a venture's financials and creating accounting systems to conducting deep market research and commercialization strategies.

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