Rady Faculty

Rady School faculty are recognized experts in their fields, always seeking new knowledge and new practices for business. They are dedicated to education, and to ensuring that Rady MBAs have the knowledge and skills to be effective as managers and leaders in a changing business world.

Rady faculty invest, in class and out, in their students. They are accessible and approachable, welcoming questions, projects and ideas. Their office doors are open and they can be found holding extra review sessions, working with students on independent study projects and at MBA coffee hours.

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Research Areas

Economics and Strategy

Uri Gneezy
Sally Sadoff
Marta Serra-Garcia
Vincent P. Crawford
- distinguished visitor
Richard H. Thaler
- distinguished visitor

Innovation, Technology and Operations

Terrence W. August
Sanjiv Erat
Vish V. Krishnan
Hyoduk Shin
Kevin Zhu

Adjunct Faculty

Ingolf Krueger - Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Jeffrey Remmel - Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean of Physical Sciences
Teri Melese - Associate Adjunct Professor in Medicine