Lecturers & Visiting Faculty

Name Title Email Classes
John C. Anderson Visiting Professor jcanderson@ucsd.edu MGT4: Financial Accounting / MGT135: Federal Taxation for Companies / MGT131B: Intermediate Accounting B / MGT132: Auditing
Michael Berthelot Lecturer mberthelot@ucsd.edu MGT421: CEO, the Baord of Directors, and Corproate Governance
Tricia Bertram Gallant Lecturer tbertramgallant@ucsd.edu MGT16: Personal Ethics at Work
Bruce Blakley Lecturer bblakley@ucsd.edu MGT132: Auditing
Francesco Bova Visiting Professor fbova@ucsd.edu MGT 404: Accounting
Robert Campbell Lecturer rhcampbell@ucsd.edu MGT16: Personal Ethics at Work
Martha Doran Visiting Professor mdoran@ucsd.edu MGT132: Auditing
L. Jean Dunn Lecturer L1dunn@ucsd.edu MGT45: Principles of Accounting / MGT181: Enterprise Finance / MGT185: Investment Banking
Delbert F. Foit, Jr. Lecturer dfoit@ucsd.edu MGT121A: Innovation to Market A / MGT121B: Innovation to Market B / MGT174: Supply Chain and Operations Management / MGT414A: Lab to Market I / MGT414B: Innovation to Market II
Kathleen Hedges Lecturer kloftman@ucsd.edu MGT172: Business Project Management
Robert Houskeeper Lecturer rhouskeeper@ucsd.edu MGT5: Managerial Accounting / MGT131A: Intermediate Accounting A / MGT134: Federal Taxation - Individuals
Ramon Huerta Lecturer   MGTF415: Collecting and Analyzing Financial Data
Robert Fuller Lecturer rlfuller@ucsd.edu MGT112: Global Business Strategy/ MGT414A Lab to Market I 
Christina Klein PhD, Lecturer t1klein@ucsd.edu MGT103: Product Marketing and Management / MGT105: Product Promotion and Brand Management / MGT106: Sales and Sales Management / MGT112: Global Business Strategy
Wade Lindenberger Lecturer wlindenberger@ucsd.edu MGT136: Advanced Accounting
Mary McKay EdD, Lecturer mamckay@ucsd.edu MGT16: Personal Ethics at Work / MGT18: Managing Diverse Teams / MGT164: Organizational Behavior
Michael McKay Lecturer mmckay@ucsd.edu MGT16: Personal Ethics at Work
Cathleen Moran Lecturer cmoran@ucsd.edu MGT166: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Michael Pollock Lecturer  michael.pollock@ppdi.com MGT430: Biotechnology Industry, Structure and Strategy 
Joshua Rosett Visiting Professor jrosett@cmc.edu MGT404: Accounting 
Sat Parashar Lecturer spparashar@ucsd.edu MGT184: Money and Banking
Joseph Pecore Lecturer jpecore@ucsd.edu MGT12: Personal Financial Management / MGT45: Principles of Accounting / MGT133: Advanced Cost Accounting
Elise Prosser Lecturer ekprosser@ucsd.edu MGT103: Product Marketing and Management
Lada Rasochova Lecturer  lrasochova@ucsd.edu  MGT495/MGT496A
Rebecca Royal Lecturer rroyal@ucsd.edu MGT172: Business Project Management
Lamar Rutherford Lecturer lrutherford@ucsd.edu MGT121A: Innovation to Market A / MGT121B: Innovation to Market B
Blair Sadler Lecturer  bsadler@ucsd.edu  MGT429: Topics in Corporate Governance 
Tyagarajan Somasundaram Visiting Professor tsomasundaram@ucsd.edu MGT112: Global Business Strategy
Martin Staubus Lecturer mstaubus@ucsd.edu MGT426: Creating a High-Performing Workplace
Jan Sturdevant Lecturer jsturdevant@ucsd.edu MGT172: Business Project Management
James Wallace Visiting Professor jswallace@ucsd.edu MGT404: Accounting
Roman Weil Visiting Professor roman.weil@chicagobooth.edu MGT469: Topics in Accounting
Elanor Williams Lecturer ewilliams@ucsd.edu MGT489: Topics in Marketing: Social Media Marketing
Michael Gene Willoughby Lecturer mwilloughby@ucsd.edu  MGT3: Quantitative Methods in Business